American Pastors Networks Listeners Provide Testimony

Each day, the American Pastors Network strives to:

  • Identify, encourage, equip, educate and network pastors and church members to “Stand in the Gap for Truth.”
  • Be a voice for truth and an advocate for pastors in the public square by providing bible-based and constitutionally consistent analysis and recommendations on matters of public policy.
  • Strengthen the Biblical relationship between pastors and elected officials, through various private and public meetings for prayer, study, and policy discussion.

Recently, the producers of APN’s popular and live daily radio program, “Stand in the Gap Today” shared listener comments that testify how APN and its president (and host of the show), the Honorable Sam Rohrer, are truly living up to their mission:

From Melissa in Colorado: “My dad shared an interview last night that Sam did recently. Wow!! That was incredible!! He did such an amazing job breaking down what is going on in America biblically.  I shared it with my boss (Lead Pastor) and he shared it with staff.  He was so grateful for this information. We have had multiple prayer meetings weekly for this election and are still believing God for victory and seeing Trump get in. Crazy times we live in but so grateful for the peace that God gives in the midst of it. He is our Rock!!! Thankful for you all!!”

From Dan in Ohio: “I just wanted to share with you how greatly I appreciate your recent KDOV TV interview. Between the excellent questions from the host, and your straightforward, simple yet profound answers, I truly believe that in this program you answered the questions with more clarity than I have seen or heard anywhere on the questions most patriots and Christians in America right now have. You shared information I have heard referenced, but you put it into context. You shared serious things but gave hope and balance in a way no other reporter I listen to does. News and information are good, but without the context of biblical truth it means little. Thank you. My wife and I will be praying for you by name every morning from now on.”

From Paul in Louisiana: “In my pursuit of knowledge concerning unfolding events and their underlying relationship to scripture, I have been searching sites never before visited.  Recently, I ran across your site.  This morning, I was particularly drawn to it. You were quoting from someone in nearly real time. I began to listen and found it to be very revealing but especially peace-giving in its presentation.  Your analysis and insight caught my attention because although most other radio and TV commentors are informative, they do not bring peace to my spirit.  I know you understand what I am trying to explain.  I do plan on staying networked to your program for information. There is something uniquely different about how you connect biblical principles to the events of the day. Praise the Lord for all you are doing.”

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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  1. Barbara Crow
    Barbara Crow says:

    Are your network of Pastors for Former President Trump? If so, how can you back him when he was caught while campaigning for President talking about women so horribly. I don’t understand how we could ask our young girls & women to look up to a man that talks & walks the walk that he does. I believe in God & he is my Lord & Savior. The Pastor of my church would never approve of his Rally’s he has held or his character & his conduct on January 6th & pushing an unfounded lie that he won the election. What is this world coming to when we refuse the true results of an election to not accept it & pass the transfer of power to who truly won? How about all the families that Trump has split due to his lies that he won & caught on taped phone call looking for a certain number of votes. Trump is the one who was trying to steal the election. There is no evidence he won. If you are for Trump please explain how people should follow a man like Trump & why. I look forward to an explanation, as how he talks about women I don’t think is for young girls ears or anyone’s ears. I don’t think it is pleasing to God nor for others to follow down his path of lies. I am a Christian & I don’t understand this. I am looking for your response. Could you also tell me what Denomination of church you represent also? Thank you for your reply in advance.


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