American Pastors Network Has the Answer to Unlawful Power Grabs Across America: It’s Called ‘Restore The Law’—and It’s Up to the People to Get Legislators to Act Now

As the presidential election nears during this time of Coronavirus, one point is patently clear: Our great nation must reopen from coast to coast—and do so responsibly and lawfully. In all states and cities, it can be done. But everyone, including our legislative branch of government, needs to be on board with it for the long-term health and well-being of both America and all Americans.

For some time, the American Pastors Network has stressed its vital “Restore The Law” initiative, launched in response to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s orders to businesses, churches, schools, and other operations to shutter across the state in March. Though federal judge William S. Stickman wisely ruled that such an edict by the Wolf administration was unconstitutional, a federals appeals court subsequently ruled that the state could, in fact, reinstate COVID-focused restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings. This latest ruling in favor of lawlessness makes the “Restore The Law” initiative even more crucial.

Developments in Michigan bear continued close watching as well. The Michigan Supreme Court on October 2 ruled that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer violated her constitutional authority by continuing to issue closure and lockdown edicts for Michigan residents and businesses without the state legislature’s approval.

On their own, however, court rulings are insufficient. Neither the executive branch nor the judicial branch possesses the constitutional authority to write new legislation. Lawmaking is reserved for respective legislatures—and it has been usurped. Only lawmakers can reclaim this vital responsibility—and they must Restore The Law.

Says the Honorable Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network and a former nine-term state representative, “Citizens across Pennsylvania must work together—starting now—to contact members of the General Assembly, who are empowered and obligated to speak for them. Authority resides in the people, and the people must take it back through their elected representatives,” Rohrer adds.

He believes the Pennsylvania legislature needs to Restore The Law immediately. “We are in this situation in the first place because the legislature sought to invoke the law, only to be spurned by the governor and enabled by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Today, lawlessness again reigns—and only the legislature can ‘Restore The Law,’” Rohrer says.

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