American Pastors Network: Churches, Pastors and People in the Pews Must Stand for Life

With October marked as Respect Life Month and Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, the American Pastors Network (APN) is calling on America’s churches, pastors and the people in the pews to acknowledge the great need for pro-life advocates in today’s culture, as well as commit to helping those who have experienced abortion find healing.

“We pray 2020 will be the year that not one tax dollar ever goes toward abortion again,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, “and that the nation’s justices will stand for life, no longer allowing the killing of innocent babies to be stain on the pages of our nation’s history.

“Although life is precious every day of the year,” Rohrer added, “Respect Life Month is a time when pastors and churches can truly focus on protecting life in their communities. We can no longer ignore abortion in our churches. Many may be struggling with the scars of abortion in their own lives, and looking to the church for help, healing and restoration. Additionally, we must equip our people to stand up for the sanctity of life in their own communities, states and across the nation.”

In Pennsylvania, where APN is headquartered, two lawmakers on Monday introduced companion “heartbeat bills,” which would ban abortion after a heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks after conception. Republicans Sen. Doug Mastriano and Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, whom APN has welcomed as a guest on the “Stand in the Gap Today” radio program, said they hope the bill will help counter and overturn Roe v. Wade, according to

Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN, www.papastors.netExecutive Director and APN board member Gary Dull said pastors shouldn’t make assumptions about abortion.

“In the church, we can’t assume that every person sitting in the pews is passionately and strongly pro-life,” Dull said. “They may be confused about their views on abortion, or they may waver with the culture or even with personal experience. That’s why is crucial that pastors and the church stand up for life and not take for granted that all churchgoers realize that God created every life in His image from the moment of conception. He values these unborn children of God and has placed them in our protection.”

While many pastors may be in denial that abortion is not an issue in their churches, Rohrer says church leaders can still bring this important topic in front of their congregations, through sermons, special speakers and support groups, while also remembering that abortion and the pro-life/pro-choice debate will be critical election issue in 2020 as well as in local elections on Nov. 5.

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  1. Margaret Ridley
    Margaret Ridley says:

    So thankful God’s Spirit is working to draw people through this organization and others to awaken the church for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (which comes from Godly living). The church must stand in the gap to impact our communities with the truth of Jesus and His righteousness, of which “life” for all, including God’s precious pre-born children is fundamental. Jesus came that all might have “life” and have it more abundantly. That comes from God’s word. God is the giver of all life, and in this day where we can see the humanity of children and the DNA that determines their sex, height, eye color, and more on the day very soon after conception, it should be clear that God is in the midst of this tiny human from the beginning. I have met women who were born at 14-weeks gestation and survived! They are now productive adults; one is a teacher!
    Believers cannot deny that it was a pre-born child, John, who first recognized our Lord and Savior (while He was in Mary’s womb). According to Luke 1:41, the pre-born John lept in his mother’s (Elizabeth’s) womb upon Mary’s greeting.
    I am disappointed to read that less than half of Christians are registered to vote! How can we, as believers, get God-fearing leaders in our governance if so many are not even registered to vote? While I understand the disdain for corruption, lies, and un-Godly behavior of some politicians, this is exactly why God’s children have to get involved!
    As a former pastor’s wife and church planter, I am speaking up “for life” and supporting Elisa Martinez in her senate bid for the only open seat in the U.S. Senate. Elisa has been a champion for life and Godly values for more than ten years, making personal sacrifice to fight against incredibly liberal abortion practices and terrible health conditions in our state.
    Seven years ago, she founded a non-profit, New Mexico Alliance for Life, devoted to education and legislation that promotes life options for women and children and has successfully won intense battles against proposed liberal legislation, such as unrestricted late-term abortion. Elisa has worked intently with her organization’s 28,000 members for legislation and charity with Godly values in NM and in Washington. She is the kind of leader we need and asks that everyone pray for her daily.
    She began a prayer initiative, of which I am a member, to pray for our state and her campaign. I hear her heart, and it is much more for the people than for her success in this campaign.
    Elisa has been working with pastors for years, working cooperatively with them to awaken their membership to get involved in praying for babies and counseling and supporting women in crisis pregnancies and the needy as well as for the church to recognize the importance of not only serving in charity but voting for Godly governance/laws and serving as leaders within all areas of cultural influence– government, education, business, and more. Now she herself has taken the step to get involved as a leader within government, and she needs the support of pastors who share her convictions.
    I hope that you (pastors and believers) will pray for Elisa as she competes to serve as a Senator in a political race in New Mexico against Hollywood-type candidates, career politicians, and men who have not made any contributions (financial or of their time) toward serving the pre-born/born children, the poor, the needy, or the downtrodden but appear to be in the race for personal glory.

    “Seek the well being of the city to which I have sent you, pray for it to the LORD, for in seeking its well being you shall find your own.” Jeremiah 29:7

    Elisa will be speaking at the National March for Life in Washington D.C. next week with Jim Daly and Marjorie Dannenfelser and may be available to speak at pastor/church events as well, if her schedule allows. Her campaign website is . Please pray for her and support her and other pro-life candidates as you are able!

    Thank you so much for all you are doing to influence our culture for the Kingdom of God! God bless you for “standing in the gap for truth) and specifically for encouraging prayer, righteous living/leadership, and political action in your communities! Our lights will shine and draw others to the LORD!


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