Raising Godly Children in Modern-Day America—APN Shares Biblical Tips That Work

Parents have a multitude of concerns in today’s complicated culture. Is my child happy and healthy? Am I guiding him on the right path? Are we helping her become the best person she can be?

For Christian parents, these questions take on a biblical nature as well—or at least they should, says the American Pastors Network (APN).

APN President Sam Rohrer, host of the popular daily radio program, “Stand in the Gap Today,” heard on several hundred stations nationwide, recently explored the topic of “Raising Godly Children in America Today” over the airwaves.

Especially as Purposeful Parenting Month in July winds down, Rohrer says raising children in a godly way is one of the most important jobs of any Christ-follower.

“There is no substitute for Mom and Dad when it comes to raising children,” Rohrer said during the program. “Why? Because it’s God’s model. God says to mothers and fathers, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go.’ In the Old Testament, God made it very clear. Fathers primarily have the ultimate responsibility to give their children the precepts of God’s instruction—to do what God’s Word says, and to do it regularly. That means when they sit down, when they rise up, when they go to sleep.

“In other words,” Rohrer added, “a continual illustration of God’s Word should be made by Mom and Dad, and particularly by dads, on what it looks like to be a father. Who is the model? God in heaven, the Father. Additionally, government is not a substitute for parents, especially since the U.S. government through the Supreme Court removed the 10 Commandments and prayer from schools. Since then, God and God’s Word have increasingly been cleansed from the public schools, there cannot be any instruction in the way of God, God’s view of morality or God’s view of sexuality.

“We as Christian parents and grandparents must know what God’s Word says about respect and honor,” he continued. “Why? Because government has purged the educational system of all those things. If parents rely on government, they will be raising a government child, not a God-looking child.”

For the program about raising godly children, “Stand in the Gap Today” hosts were joined by Tim Schneider, who serves as APN’s Radio and Social Media Manager. Together, the APN leaders discussed tips to help parents seeking to raise godly children in modern-day America. Listen to the clips below on this topic:

  • Parental Responsibility for Children: How are parents especially equipped to help society by being responsible for their children in a way that the government and church cannot?
  • Danger in Public Education Dependency: How is there danger for parents in thinking that the school system is responsible for teaching their children how to function in society when God has given that role to parents?
  • Ups and Downs of Growing up in a Single-Parent Home: Schneider shares his testimony of being raised in a single-parent home. He discusses the ups and downs experienced and his change of heart toward his father who was absent most of his life.
  • A Father to the Fatherless: Schneider grew up in a home where his father wasn’t present. Many men and families at his church saw the need and stepped up to fill the void. He shares some advice to fathers and grandfathers about looking for and helping someone in a similar situation in their spheres of influence.
  • Parental Advice: Children today are growing up in fatherless homes. What advice is there for single parents who are struggling to raise children?
  • Marriage Advice What advice is there in a marriage for a spouse that has left or wronged the other?

To lisen to the entire program on raising godly children, click here; view the entire transcript from the program here.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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