How Does God View the Border Debate?

In his speech to declare his re-election bid in 2020, President Donald Trump called the Democrat agenda of open borders “morally reprehensible.”

“It’s the greatest betrayal of the American middle class and, frankly, American life,” Trump said on June 18. “Our country, has a hole, nobody sees anything like it, people are pouring in, but we’ve stopped them, and now, as I said, we have other people helping us, including the country of Mexico.”

Borders and immigration will again be top concerns for the 2020 election, and the American Pastors Network (APN) says Christians must be informed from a biblical and constitutional perspective on these hot-button issues. This is just after the House of Representatives passed a $4.5 billion immigration package that will focus on health standards, nutrition, hygiene and translation services.

The measure, reports The Daily Caller, “comes amid apprehension concerning immigrants that has increased every month since January. There have also been over 100,000 encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border in both March and April, setting the border crisis on track to be the worst it has been in a decade.”

APN frequently explores the topic of immigration on its popular daily, live, one-hour radio program, “Stand in the Gap Today,” as well as on the daily 60-second radio feature, “Stand in the Gap Minute,” and says answers can be found in the Bible.

“Immigration and border control issues dominate our news and divide our nation, but God is not divided nor is He confused on this or any issue—and we should not be either,” said APN President Sam Rohrer. “In fact, there are clear, biblical principles on why no one should be confused about God’s position on immigration and borders.”

In Acts 17:26, for example, Paul says that God established nations and borders. Daniel 2 says God raises up leaders and nations, and He puts them down.

“Without borders there’s no order, no law, no justice,” Rohrer added. “Without borders, God’s promise to bless the nation whose God is the Lord could never occur. God’s plan of redemption revolves around nations. In time, God will judge all nations who reject Him. Is it any wonder that the coming antichrist and globalists demand open borders?”

If borders or walls are immoral—as even some religious leaders contend—then Nehemiah was wrong. And even more so, God Himself is wrong, because heaven has walls and gates, and Jesus says that whoever circumvents one gate and climbs in another way is a thief and robber.

“Borders are essential to nations,” Rohrer said. “In fact, the definition of nation includes a common language, a common view of God and common borders. God’s blessings and judgment are bestowed on individuals and nations. Therefore, borders and border control are essential to protect a nation’s citizens and should rise to the highest of concerns for those in civil authority.”

The government has a unique duty to God and to the citizen—one might even call it a moral duty. Different from the Church’s duty to care for the sick and reach out to those who don’t yet know the God of heaven, government’s duty according to Romans 13 is to enact justice, enforce the law and protect the citizen.

“This is why God provided civil government with the sword of justice,” Rohrer said. “This is, in part, why we are to pray for those in authority—that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives and because they are accountable to God. God’s Word does hold all the answers about borders, immigration and much more, we just need to read God’s instruction for our lives and our nation, take them to heart and follow them.”

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  1. Traci Griggs
    Traci Griggs says:

    I’m disappointed that you don’t feel any sense of tension between Biblical principles about borders and the many Scripture references about helping the poor and foreigners among us. It must be nice to have such confidence in your interpretation of Scripture that you can declare that you know exactly how God feels about this subject and not shudder at the thought that we might be turning our backs on those that God considers “the least of these” in favor of law and order. I am a conservative evangelical Christian and I believe that many Christians among us need to be taught compassion more desperately than they need to have their consciences soothed by convincing them that our national leaders, whom we elected, have no responsibility whatsoever for those begging for help at our borders. I don’t believe in open borders either but I find your dismissal of the plight of those at our borders to be disturbing.

    • Kevin Pafford
      Kevin Pafford says:

      I believe you are confused. Does not God have laws? Yes we are to care for those that are within our borders and our nation sends billions of dollars to other nations for humanitarian purposes. God has established his church i.e. this country and it has provided much charity and I feel strongly about closing our borders and having a proper process for entry otherwise we will cease to be a nation. I spent 30 years protecting this nation and it’s laws and I feel that we should all want law and order.

  2. Steve Carr
    Steve Carr says:

    Hi, Tracy.

    Thank you for your insightful comments.
    I would ask that you consider that it doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario, but maybe a both/and.

    I live in California where we can’t even take care of those already here and are falsely promising millions from around the world we will now even grant them “free” health care if only they can some how get here.

    We both know this is a lie with immense consequences. One third of all women end up raped, families get auctioned and children “rented”, and many end up in the midst of the garbage/rats/feces of the countless already discarded and forgotten. I don’t think either of us would consider that Biblical compassion.

    How many are we inviting into our own homes? How many are we helping support through our local Churches? How are we leading them to the Lord? Disciplining them? Your thoughts? Godspeed


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