American Pastors Network: Nearly Half Would Vote for a Socialist President, But Socialism Is Anti-God and Violates Biblical and Constitutional Truth

The May 25 cover of World Magazine asks a pointed question—“When will we ever learn?”—followed by a bold declaration—“Socialism typically brings dictatorship and death.”

The American Pastors Network  has delved into the topic of socialism many times on its popular daily radio program, “Stand in the Gap Today,” as well as on “Stand in the Gap TV.”

“What about socialism should be objectionable to the Christian community?” co-host, APN President, Sam Rohrer, asks. “If we go to the heart of socialism—not from the standpoint of an historical idea that we’ve fought wars against, though that should not be lost on Americans—it is more than just another economic system and another way to provide government services. By its nature, socialism arises from an atheistic worldview and is directly opposed to everything that is biblical, of God or of truth.

“Socialism is anti-God,” Rohrer emphasized, “and that’s very easy to prove by the words of those who are proponents of it and what they’ve said about socialism. Those who support socialism directly oppose the Constitution. Anyone in office who promotes socialism, by their very words, violates their oath of office and subverts our representative republic. Socialism represents a frontal attack on biblical truth, the Bible, and on civil truth, the Constitution.”

Alarmingly, socialism’s acceptance isn’t just within those identified as the ‘Left,’ but has tentacles even within the professing church as well, Rohrer said.

“One very shocking and disturbing fact is indicated by multiple studies conducted in the past two years,” he said. “These surveys indicate that between 44 and 58 percent of millennials say they favor socialism as an alternative form of governance to what we have in the United States and, specifically, that they prefer socialism to capitalism.”

This prompts these fundamental questions, Rohrer said.

* How did we get to the place in the United States today where our younger Americans are seemingly embracing what we and our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to oppose?

* How could the godless, atheistic ideology that involved America in two world wars become embedded into American culture?

* How could the nation where ‘in God we Trust’ appears on our coins and in our media and culture become ‘in Government we trust’?

* How has God become so dethroned and rejected? How could the institutions of learning, the media, the government and the church become so silent and even enablers of the very values that were once clearly opposed by our nation and opposite to a Judeo-Christian worldview?

* How could such erosion have occurred so quickly and so dramatically affected our next generation?”

Another study recently found that nearly half of Americans would vote for a socialist president. The characteristic of “socialist” is the last on the list in the Gallup poll for 2019, but 47% is still a significant number. The number was unchanged from 2015 to today, Gallup found.

The question, Rohrer continued, should no longer be “Do we have a generation and nation who considers socialism with its root in atheism acceptable?” but rather, “How did atheism and the promoters of socialism and cultural Marxism actually penetrate the institutions of America and our Judeo-Christian worldview sufficiently to move our nation to this perilous point?”

For the issue exploring socialism, World’s cover story, “The view from ‘Doralzuela”—a Miami suburb in Doral, Florida, now known as Doralzuela because so many refugees from the world’s latest socialist experiment now huddle there—reports how refugees at the ground level describe socialism’s latest failure and also asks, “Will young Americans listen?”

Fox News also recently reported that socialism is “to blame for economic downfall of oil-rich countries,” according to one energy expert. “The oil-rich countries backed by socialist governments have overseen a long economic meltdown due in part to the lack of private sector investments,” according to Fox.

But even with this current, mainstream media coverage, the rise of socialism has been coming for a long time.

“The apparent meteoric rise in the acceptance of socialism in America may seem baffling, but in reality, where we are is the result of where we’ve been heading for a long time,” Rohrer said. “Thinkers like Karl Marx wanted to dethrone God in America, and Friedrich Nietzsche declared that God had been killed in the minds of his culture. To go from then until now requires an enormously powerful deception.

“Over time, it was a purposeful and repeated deception of the American people through the four Marxist steps to successful brainwashing—1) demoralization; 2) destabilization; 3) chaos; and 4) new norm/new order,” Rohrer added. “In each of these steps, a person, a group of people or an entire nation is moved in their thinking and beliefs away from absolute truth, God, a biblical worldview, traditional family and God’s view of human sexuality to, ultimately, a position of chaos with an ultimate craving to cry out to government for help in bringing societal order and thus inviting in atheistic socialism. Does this sound familiar in politics, public education or even some churches? It all starts with a Godless worldview, discarding truth and sowing seeds of doubt.”

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

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