Truth Is Absolute and Comes from Only One Source—the Bible

What is “truth?” To many in America, truth is relative, and it varies for each person.

But the Bible says people who believe this are “unstable in all their ways” because they have nothing constant or reliable to direct their lives.

“Just as a compass always points us north, Jesus is our ‘true north’ in life—always pointing the way to him, always pointing out what is true and always pointing us in the right direction in life,” said APN president and radio and television host Sam Rohrer. “This is why absolute truth is so crucial. In every aspect of life and culture we can consider, biblical truth has a role—gender, marriage, immigration, fiscal responsibility, government leadership, religious liberty, sanctity of life issues and much, much more.”

So, based on the knowledge that truth defines all things—what is truth?

Rohrer asked this very question on APN’s daily, nationally syndicated, one-minute radio feature “Stand in the Gap Minute.”

“Some time ago, I interviewed a candidate for public office and asked him to define truth,” Rohrer said. “His answer was ‘I don’t know.’ So I asked, ‘How will you make your decisions in office and know you’re right?’ He said, ‘I guess I’ll follow my gut.’ Truth is not subjective. It is not open for debate or found in the gut. Rejecting Jesus as truth ensures no moral compass. Rejecting truth results in confusion, moral bankruptcy, bribery and corruption. Rejecting truth guarantees that no person in office, be they Republican, Democrat or Independent, can lead with integrity, principle and consistency because each desirable character traits hinges on truth as defined by God’s Word and modeled by Jesus Christ.”

That knowledge, however, does not make everything easy, Rohrer said. The enemy will attempt to distort the truth, causing people to second-guess that truth is indeed absolute.

“Isaiah 59:19 says, ‘When the enemy come’s in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against them,’” Rohrer said. “As evil floods our land and truth falls in the streets, Isaiah declares that God’s Spirit will raise up a standard against it. This standard, of course, is Jesus Christ, the Way and the Truth. But God often chooses to raise up His prepared Remnant as the salt and light—the standard to oppose the evil. At APN, we equip, encourage and assist God-ordained pastors in the pulpit to be vanguards for truth. Yet, every true Christian is part of God’s empowered standard to stand against the enemies of Truth. Are we doing our part?”

Because the culture has become morally sick—defining good as evil and evil as good—is there a cure? When truth is rejected and division results, is there healing? There can be, Rohrer said. For those committing to standing for truth—or the Remnant, as Rohrer mentioned, the Bible is the more than just a good book. It’s the only source of truth.

“When it comes to truth, the Bible is always right,” Rohrer said. “It alone defines good and evil. It alone can point the lost and wandering to eternal life. Its truth alone, if obeyed, can heal the lonely heart and restore the broken family. Obedience to God’s Word, the ‘Ultimate Truth,’ can restore our nation and return God’s blessing to us. An absolute cure exists—but only if we embrace absolute truth.”

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

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