As Candidates Struggle with Integrity Issues, American Pastors Network Offers ‘Voter Integrity Checklist’ to Take to Polls

It’s no secret that both presidential candidates have struggled with their own deep integrity issues, especially over the past few weeks.

And while voters have no control over those matters of integrity, they do have control over their own.

American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer has been using his own “Voter Integrity Checklist” for decades and is offering it to voters around the country in advance of one of the most important and historic elections in modern history. Rohrer used the list frequently as a legislator for nearly 20 years.

“Voting truly does have a lifetime of accountability,” Rohrer said. “The faithful cannot simply choose a name on a whim, listen to the headlines of a very biased media or go along with what the polls are dictating. Rather, voting must be a carefully considered, prayerful and serious decision. Our prayer is that every Christian will base their voting decisions on biblical principles and wisdom, rather than emotion, news reports or even social media.

“Perhaps more than anything else, this election is about two distinctive worldviews of the candidates—a compelling argument for those who may be inclined not to vote,” Rohrer added. “Rather than the individual, voters are choosing between two worldviews—one that will protect religious liberties, appoint those who will uphold Judeo-Christian values on the Supreme Court and protect life—and one that most certainly will not. Those who are voting should vote with their own worldviews in mind as well. To choose not to vote at all is indeed a choice for one of these two worldviews.”

Decades ago, Rohrer created his “Voting Integrity Checklist,” a series of questions he developed for himself to use during nearly 20 years in office. It helps not only to ensure votes of integrity, but to also permit voters to have confidence in how candidates may conduct themselves while in office. Ultimately, a number of Rohrer’s fellow legislators adopted this simple checklist, with the application to evaluate potential candidates on how they measure up to a carefully prioritized list of considerations.

According to Rohrer, questions to ask when progressing through the “Voter Integrity Checklist” include:

  1. Is it moral?
  2. Is it constitutional?
  3. Does it preserve individual freedom and responsibility (vs. strengthening government control)?
  4. Does it preserve and strengthen the traditional family?
  5. Is it in the best interest of the general public (vs. only special interests)?
  6. Is it necessary?
  7. Should it be done on the federal level?
  8. Is this an effective and efficient way to do it?
  9. Do we have the money to pay for it?

Rohrer also hosts the daily, live, one-hour “Stand in the Gap Today,” the news and commentary radio program that airs on about 425 stations nationwide daily at noon ET. Last week, Rohrer welcome social science researcher George Barna to the program. Barna’s most recent research from the American Culture & Faith Institute found that Donald Trump’s support from Evangelicals took a downward turn after the release of a taped conversation from 11 years ago; Barna expects that the effect is temporary based on previous incidences. Read more about the new study here. For more information on the entire lineup ofAPN radio programming, visit

Check out a recent interview between Perry Atkinson and Sam Rohrer about this election and Sam’s Voter Integrity Checklist on theDOVE TV HERE.



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