Stand in the Gap Today 7/4/16

Celebrating Independence Day with a look at the document that started it all-the Declaration of Independence. Why is an understanding of our “humble beginnings” so important and what will happen if this understanding is lost? Host: Dave Kistler

Are you wondering how to make sense out of the nonsense happening in our world today? Many Americans are frustrated and angry as the country we all love and in many cases fought for, is being destroyed primarily from within. On this program, we’ll discuss the latest Obama directive on Transgender bathrooms, the three greatest problems, ideological threats, and the solutions to bring our nation back to a place of blessing.


Stand in the Gap Today 7/1/16

In anticipation of celebrating July 4th, Independence Day, callers share what they love about America. Also, Guest JR McGee gives an analysis of ISIS strategy following the bombing in Istanbul, and hosts discuss Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s recent statements on her involvement in the Clinton email case. Host: Dave Kistler