Why America Is Under Attack

By Sam Rohrer, American Pastors Network President

This article was originally published by Lifezette.

One of the questions being discussed by most media in the United States right now is, “What caused the Orlando Night Club shootings?”

It’s an interesting question, but more important than “Why?” is the question of “What will we do about it?”

It may not seem possible to do anything directly but follow the news with sadness. But there are multiple things those of us who are alive can do. First, we need to mourn and grieve over those who were killed. Through the action of a lone gunman with seething anger in his heart and a wrong worldview and belief system, we are reminded of the devastation to individuals and families one horrific sinful action can bring.

Secondly, we should pray for our country and our world, recognizing that true evil exists, and its adherents have dedicated themselves to our destruction, both as a nation and as individuals.

As the Bible reminds us in Mark 7:21-23, “from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts,” including the kinds of anger that lead to murder.

Third, we must repent of personal sin and turn to faith in Jesus Christ, lest we, too, think wrongly and eventually find ourselves committing things that law forbids — actions that are harmful to our fellow man and actions that will be judged by God.

Finally, we must acknowledge the factors that set up Americans for continued attacks, such as the one seen in Orlando. The majority of Americans, Christians included, are confused; they are paralyzed, and in many cases, becoming more and more angry because the America that we love is being destroyed — primarily from within. Anger and frustration are being intentionally built, in part, but they are occurring, and I think they are the underpinning of the significant response we’ve seen to Donald Trump’s sentiments. He hasn’t created it, but he is a benefactor of it.

For well over a generation, those who have been given to evil of all kinds — from killing the unborn to sexual promiscuity and family redefinition to allowing the borders of our sovereign nation to be destroyed — have been carefully deconstructing our Constitution.

They’ve been defying the rule of law, redefining our history, reprogramming our youth in K-12 public schools and colleges through Marxist professors teaching against American exceptionalism and compartmentalizing biblical faith as a subject not fit for public discourse.

They have found their way to become gatekeepers, as I call them, in positions of authority, whether they are in office or elsewhere: in the media, in civil government, colleges, Hollywood, and more. In essence, these entities have been destroying the very foundations of our republic. They’ve been systematic, they’ve acted with intent, and we have knowingly or unknowingly permitted it.

For well over a generation, many good-meaning people across the country have spent billions of dollars —and millions of hours of quality, concerted time — doing a lot of really good things, but not the best things. Meaning, we have been far more concerned about “shaping symptoms” than we have been about trying to address the root problems.

The result is that things have not improved. In fact, they’ve continued to deteriorate. Even in our pulpits and across the entire societal spectrum, we’ve not been going after evil. We’ve been following red herrings and addressing symptoms of decay—rather than employing the biblical wisdom as recognized by our founders and generations after them to truly solve our nation’s problems.

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.” &endash; Deuteronomy 29:29 (ESV)

The American Pastors Network calls on all pastors and the people who sit in the pews to join us in grieving with families and individuals who have suffered catastrophic, life-changing loss in Orlando, and as we call our nation back to God through personal repentance and a return to knowing and living the truths found in the Bible through lives of individual righteousness.

The Hon. Sam Rohrer, who is working on a new book, “Making Sense of Nonsense,” is president of the American Pastors Network. He was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for 18 years and a candidate for governor in 2010, and is co-host of the Stand in the Gap Today radio program.

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Will Pastors Lead?


Despite the darkness that seems to be increasingly enveloping our nation, there are signs that indicate the possibility of another genuine “awakening” on the horizon.

Over the last 25 years, I have made revival a central study, even having visited some of the locations where real revival occurred (Wales, Northhampton, Mass., and others).  The history of America’s past revivals, yea all prior “awakenings,” reveals 5 stages thru which a nation passes.

Stage 1–Culturally accepted immorality and spiritual indifference
Stage 2–Faithful leaders and fervent intercessors
Stage 3–Empowered words and broken hearts
Stage 4–Joyful zeal and spiritual refreshment
Stage 5–Cultural transformation and worldwide evangelism

Nationally, we have definitely passed Stage 1, and have entered into Stage 2. Stage 3 requires that God’s preachers “deliver the goods” with respect to what is preached from the pulpit. Weak, anemic, and passionless preaching has NEVER facilitated an awakening! And, preachers who are fearful of bold declaration and courageous leadership have NEVER been God’s instruments of renewal!

This past Thursday (July 7), George Barna was a guest on our daily radio program (). His most recent research reveals some disturbing trends relative to what pastors plan to do/say and lead in preparation for November’s elections. If those trends become reality, then America will have a catastrophic continuation of precisely what we’ve had for the last eight years.

In other words, if God’s men don’t stand tall and speak clearly, then America, a once great nation, will be relegated to the dustbin of history. If God’s spokesmen do step up and fearlessly engage in Biblical leadership (including direct application as to what kind of leaders we must have), then there is hope for the fulfillment of Stages 4 and 5.

I know many pastors whose hearts are broken over the violence, immorality, rejection of God and His truth, that is so prevalent within our land. But, will they speak those “empowered words,” without fearing the kick back that may come? Or, will they become one of the Barna statistics?

Having had the blessing of ministering with some of America’s finest pastors/preachers, I believe I can say with the writer of Hebrews, “Brethren, I am persuaded better things of you!”  I pray I am not disappointed.

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International/HOPE To The Hill
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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