Voting the Lesser of Two Evils?

Now that the presidential field has considerably narrowed, there’s a pressing question looming for some: “Will I vote the lesser of two evils or not vote at all?”

American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer has discussed this very question and others on recent “Stand in the Gap Today” radio programs.

“Are we ever, as Christians, biblically required to vote for what many have called ‘the lesser of two evils’?” Rohrer asks. “We are always faced with the real challenge of voting among two or three ‘imperfect’ people. Jesus is not on the ballot; in Him, we would have a perfect candidate. Everyone on the ballot is imperfect.

“To illustrate,” Rohrer continued, “let’s consider a choice like this—Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin—both haters of Jesus, of Israel, of Christians, and both thinking they are gods themselves. The difference is which one will imprison or kill you first? In that case, yes, we would be constrained to not vote for either because both choices are truly evil—with clear evidence that neither align  with the word of God nor have a fear or respect for God. But when considering candidates today, we must determine if they are  less than perfect—or evil? As voters deliberate over these substantive  questions, what is the pastor’s role—and is there one? Should churches and pastors even delve into issues of government and politics? The answer is unequivocally, ‘yes.’”

Civil government is a creation of God, Rohrer added, and pastors have a responsibility from the pulpit to uphold the godly ideals of what leaders should be and educate their churches about  God’s expectations for leaders.

“When it comes to voting, evil equates to a candidate who is clearly anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Israel, and anti-Bible,” Rohrer said. “For instance, does that candidate reject God-defined moral absolutes such as life, marriage and God-established human sexuality or does that candidate embrace and pursue the killing of the unborn and marriage between any combination of people other than man and woman? Does that candidate support bribery and corruption and the subversion of justice for all? As Christians, we should support and vote for the candidate whose principles most closely align with what we believe, what the word of God teaches and what God’s expectations of a leader are. After all, pastors must preach biblical principles about all aspects of life—at home and in parenting, in the workplace, as we reach out to our neighbors, in how a church should be run, and yes, in the principles we should hold close when we head to the polls.”

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  1. Georgia Wilkinson
    Georgia Wilkinson says:

    Evil is not any less real or dangerous just because it is subtle and covered with the skin of a sheep. But actually, it isn’t even covered. Trump is an amoral vulgarian, serial philanderer, and serial liar. He DESTROYED Ted Cruz with his lies and smears, all the while screaming over and over “Lyin’ Ted”. What he did to Heidi Cruz and Rafael Cruz was unconscionable! And we as God’s children are supposed to vote for this egomaniac? God forbid! And don’t forget Trump’s “neutral” stance regarding Israel. Oh, he changed his mind about that. Really?? Surely NOTHING will bring God’s judgment on America more surely than its mistreatment of Israel. I will NOT be a part of that!!

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      It’s called freedom of choice. You exercise that as does every freedom loving American. So we don’t need a sermon.God raises up those who He wants anyway as government is ordained of God

  2. mike bernstein
    mike bernstein says:

    Your sermon is interesting, and calls for comments. First, how can you do a 180 and suddenly suggest voting for Trump? He still hates women, and Moslems, and Hispanics, and is a despicable human being. A good, and smart, person does not vote for the “lesser of two evils”, he does not vote for either. Second, your descriptions of Hitler and Stalin are incorrest. Stalin did not hate Israel, because it didn’t exist yet. Hitler hated Jews, NOT Israel. There’s a big difference, guys. And Hitler did not hate Christians (except maybe Catholics). Nearly all of Hitlers followers and fellow Nazis were good right wing anti semitic Christians, who went to church on Sundays and murdered Jews the who;e week. So do not rewrite history to serve your twisted beliefs.

    • Pastor Mike
      Pastor Mike says:

      I didn’t see anywhere in this article where Trump was endorsed or even suggested as being a viable candidate. It merely offered suggestions for the Christian to consider when going to the voting booth.
      And to say that Hitler did not hate Christians is an actual re-writing of history. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wasn’t Catholic, but he was one of the few Christian pastors who had the audacity to stand up to Hitler and as a result, lost his life for it. Hitler’s followers were not Christians at all. There is no such thing as an “anti Semitic Christian”. Genuine Christians cannot hate people and certainly cannot murder Jews or anyone else, and maintain their Christianity. That would be an oxymoron! It appears there are indeed some twisted beliefs, but I do not think they are the author’s.

    • Shane Jones
      Shane Jones says:

      Trump is no angel, but there is no evidence that he hates Muslims (Not “Moslems” as you wrote) or Hispanics. And maybe, just maybe it’s you sir who needs to check your history. Nazis were SOCIALISTS, not right wingers as you say. They were leftists. Oh and the author never once mentioned Trump. He never suggested voting for him. Why do you claim he did?

  3. Christian Socialist
    Christian Socialist says:

    As a Christian who is also a socialist, I grant freely am something of an anomaly. I believe that Marx’ assessment of Capitalist political economy and the kingdom of God share a reciprocal, hermeneutical function [think of James Cone’s cross and lynching tree analogy].

    That aside, I’m astonished that so many accept as legitimate a ‘choice’ between one figure who incarnates corporate criminality, and another who is the epitome of corrupt Washington insider politics. Are there any compelling reasons for which we ought to consent to be retained as political hostages to the sadistic machinations of what is ostensibly our own system of governance?

    I am also astonished that no one seems capable of offering even a token ‘kingdom-of-God’ critique of the powers of this age. I’m not one of those guys who can’t admit that Marx never got anything wrong. How is it that so many around me regard our institutions and national narrative [even in ‘pristine’ form] as sacrosanct? An admitted oddity, William Stringfellow is thoroughly exonerated.

    I’m left wondering if many of our churches are untouched by the gospel, and great swathes of confessing Christians are in fact in a pre-converted condition.

    Given its idolatrous devotion to and its perpetual justification of ill-gotten wealth secured by the world-wide extension of our military power, our crass consumerism, hedonism and materialism [this from a socialist, no less] at home, one can argue that the state is an whore. This election has NO lesser evil. As I see it, you can support evil, or you can exercise an higher responsibility to withdraw the consent to be governed. Since voting would leave me feeling morally slimmed for participating in an illicit act of political prostitution, I elect not to vote.

    To be true to Jesus Christ, the church must at some point make the politically blasphemous affirmation that the Gospel is not Christ AND Caesar, but Christ, NOT Caesar. The problem is, whenever the church remembers who she is and to whom she belongs, the kakistocracy which in every land is called ‘our government’ will behold with a jaundiced eye that church with her new-found faithfulness. That is the church which will be subject to all the punishments of the evil one described in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

    And THAT is why we push the theology of the revelation into the future. So long as kingdom is kept off the agenda, we can compromise with earthly powers all we want. We can buy into their nationalistic, militaristic and chauvinistic agendas all we want. We can support and elect any candidate we want.

    We ask only for a few tokens of self-righteous civic religiosity from candidates to help us assuage our guilty consciences as we sing the praises of our state religion of selective, political piety. We then return to prosecute class war against our own people, bomb foreign lands into oblivion, and turn back refugees in their utterly un-seaworthy inflatables as they seek escape from death’s clutches. And we sing, ‘Now Thank We All our God, with Hearts and Hands and Voices …’

    We don’t need to ‘take back our land’ or elect the right candidate. We need a generation of Christians who will blow the whistle on this utterly secular and blasphemous arrangement of accommodation with the powers and principalities of this age. This step is rather like the priests bearing the ark of the covenant, who first stepped a foot into the waters before the dry land revealed itself. Once we refuse to bow down to the idols of our time, God will make our way clear.

  4. MW
    MW says:

    You are absolutely right. And in light of this, there is only candidate who has the real best interest of the United States and the people of the USA. He is far from perfect – but we all are. But at least he is not a criminal. He is not beholding to others to fund his campaign nor to help him launder money for the rest of the political elites.
    There is not enough in his background to land him in jail. He does not have the criminal record of our President nor the lady running for President. We do or can know all about his birth and his education. We do or can know all about his family, etc.
    The only logical and moral answer is Donald Trump!

  5. Rodney Fontaine
    Rodney Fontaine says:

    This helped me in my ability to make my decision or at least how to move forward making a decision. I can at least now with confidence know whom I would never vote for.

  6. dave
    dave says:

    I agree. When we step into the voting both we must vote for the person most in line with our biblical world view. This coming election will require us to vote for Trump. No where near perfect but he believes in traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, the right to bear arms, and our constitution which just so happens to be the most biblically based constitution in the world.

  7. carolyn
    carolyn says:

    I agree with the May19,2016 at 6am comment who calls himself “Dave”. We must vote for the person most in line with our biblical view and Trump’s beliefs are most in line with Biblical beliefs. Trump was not who I voted for in the Primary and he is not a Christian by his own admission but I believe by not voting, WE ARE VOTING and we don’t need someone who is a known criminal to be our President…..she should not even be allowed to run….If you or I had committed the crimes she has committed,or even less, we would be prosecuted. Also I don’t believe we need a Socialists…..My husband fought and died for our country fighting against communism (socialism is the next step after communism). THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT I HAVE TO SAY IS that this country cannot be fixed by any “Man”…..we are all imperfect. We all need to get right with God and get on our knees & pray to God because Jehovah God is the only one who can help our nation & world. “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; no man can come to the Father but by Him” John 14:6. I would like all of our pastors to Preach the Word and encourage Prayer in all our churches involving everyone…..2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people are call by my name, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will forgive their sins and heal their land”….The bible also says “You have not because you ask not”….We must turn to God and pray! I pray that each individual will acknowledge Jesus as Lord.

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      News Room says:

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      In answer to your question, we just didn’t have a chance to review the comments and publish them yet. Thanks for posting!


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