Stand in the Gap Today 5/20/16

What are Pastors saying about the American Pastors Network?  What REALLY happened to the Egyptian plane that went down this week, and what does the Bible say about idolatry?

Stand in the Gap Today 5/18/16

Iran seems to be flexing its muscles in various ways. What will Israel do in response? Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, joins the program to give an update on the latest news from the Middle East.

Stand in the Gap Today 5/17/16

Deception: the act of making someone believe something that isn’t true. What does the Bible have to say about this and what are some of the latest examples of deception coming from the media and world leaders.

Stand in the Gap Today 5/16/16

Who or what is a ‘conservative’? Is the GOP conservative? Is Trump a conservative? Is the phrase, “Christian conservative” accurate? Today’s discussion will answer this question and more!


Not Unto Us, Oh Lord, But to Your Name Be Glory with Pastor Matt Jury

Pastor Matt Jury is the Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Chapel in York, PA.


Stand in the Gap Today 5/13/16

Well, folks, the battle lines are drawn! The Obama administration announces that all public schools across America are to institute transgender bathrooms while threatening to withhold federal funding, etc. What is wrong with this egregious overstepping of law both biblically and constitutionally?

Stand in the Gap Today 5/12/16

Have Christian Conservatives ‘lost’ the culture wars? As Trump begins to name key Cabinet level positions, will these ‘define’ his candidacy? Can a state governor issue executive orders prohibiting interaction with other states?

Stand in the Gap Today 5/11/16

Topics on today’s program include Germany’s rising terrorist problems, an analysis of the current GOP and Dem races, plus an update on the latest news regarding the Clinton email investigation.

Stand in the Gap Today 5/10/16

As Chief Justice Roy Moore continues to uphold Alabama law regarding same-sex marriage, he faces increasing fire from the left. What does this mean for Alabama and the rest of us? Also, while North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory stands behind conservative legislation on the “Bathroom Bill”, the Department of Justice is threatening to not only curtail federal funding, but also sue the state for “violation of anti-discrimination laws”.  What is behind this and is it even legal for them to do so?