How Should We Treat Immigrants?

American Pastors Network President, Sam Rohrer, recently sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf, urging him to  to reconsider his position to welcome potentially unvetted Syrian refugees to the Commonwealth.

Below is a copy of his letter:

Nov. 24, 2015

Dear Governor Wolf,

The matter of the resettling of Syrian ‘refugees’ is unfortunately not just controversial due to the economic impact of the resettling of these individuals but it goes to the very heart of the safety of our citizenry in not just Pennsylvania but our entire nation. As Governor of Pennsylvania, you assumed the duty to uphold the laws of this Commonwealth and to provide moral leadership in times of uncertainty and public angst. A primary responsibility you possess is to protect the lives, property, and safety of the citizens of this Commonwealth. Yet, your recent comments about wanting to bring in Syrian refugees seems to cast aside this primary duty and notably places you among a shrinking minority of Governors who are willing to ignore the inherent threat these ‘refugees’ and potential ‘embedded jihadists’ pose.

I am writing to you from two perspectives. One is that of a former 18 year Member of the PA General Assembly and a former candidate for the office you now occupy. I understand both the challenges of leading as well as the lawful duty to our Constitution. But, I also understand the moral duty to God as I write to you as a preacher and the President of the American Pastors Network– the nation’s largest network of pastors and currently also serving as President of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network – representing pastors from over 30 different denominations.

From these two perspectives, I urge you to immediately rescind your decision to accept and place any Syrian ‘refugee’ or any ‘refugee’ in Pennsylvania who embraces the Muslim ideology regardless of the nation from which they hail unless they will affirm in writing their commitment to our Constitution, and forswear Sharia law. With that statement, I know that you immediately might raise the question of ‘religious discrimination’ or denying our historic humanitarian disposition. But this would not be true. I pose these questions as reasons to you for your consideration and the justification for denying acceptance into the Commonwealth of PA.

  • If (since) the protection of the Citizens of the Commonwealth is one of your highest duties, how does bringing in Syrian Muslim ‘refugees’ augment or strengthen the security of our citizens?
  • Since even the FBI, and leading Congressmen, and this last week the leader of the NYC Syrian community all confirm that it is literally ‘impossible’ or ‘laughable’ for anyone to suggest that anyone can legitimately vet these ‘refugees’ since there is literally no database in Syria and many other nations, there is an overwhelming likelihood that jihadists are among the mix. In light of this, how is the Wolfe administration personally assuring the Members of the Legislature and the citizens that you are not inviting in ‘Islamic embedded jihadists’ under the guise of ‘refugees’ to Pennsylvania?
  • Since you have taken an oath to support the Constitution and to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth of PA, what law or Constitutional mandate are you claiming to justify risking property and life of PA citizens?
  • How are you responding to numerous communications from Members of the House and Senate urging you to rescind your intent to place potential ‘embedded jihadists’ within our Commonwealth?
  • How do you justify the significant economic cost to the taxpayer associated with the placement and acceptance of each person you permit in? What is the number you are using as the immediate and projected costs for each person who you would place and who would receive tax-payer paid benefits?
  • What is your driving motivation to risk life and property of PA citizens in these critical days when we are at war with an Islamic ideology that has sworn to destroy not only our nation but the state of Israel? Is there a compelling Constitutional duty? Is there a statutory duty? Is there a Higher Moral law you believe to be following? Is there an economic motivation? Is there is a political motivation?

From every legitimate vantage point, I do not believe there to be a single legitimate motivation to risk life and property by inviting in people who cannot be sufficiently vetted, whose ideology is Islamic and whose commitment is to Sharia law – a mutually exclusive system of law to our Constitution. In addition, regardless as to Sunni, Shia, or Sophi, Islamic sects all are committed by their obligation to the teachings of the Koran to exclusive worship of Allah, world domination, and the ultimate re-creation of a world caliphate, and who at this current time are waging jihad against the US, Israel and the West.

In our Commonwealth – religious freedom is historically and constitutionally rich. Yet, there is no compelling moral, Biblical or historical justification for inviting in those who hold to an exclusive view of their religion and in the name of their religion wage jihad and mandated to cause death and destruction. Since the Biblical, Constitutional, and established purpose of government as outlined by William Penn himself in 1682 is to praise those who do well and enact justice against those violate the law or cause harm to life or property, we believe that your decision to place unvetted and potential ‘embedded jihadists’ poses a legitimate ‘risk’ and should be immediately rescinded.

While I and our pastors pray for you and all other in positions of authority, we pray that God will grant you the wisdom to do that which is right and good. I am ready to speak with you or to provide further insights and assistance personally to more fully understand this matter or other matters of public policy that come before you in your office.

In the Defense of Truth and Freedom, 

Sam Rohrer,President & CEO

American Pastors Network

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