American Pastors Network Stands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands before Congress this morning to warn of the dangers of a nuclear Iran, reports continue to spread of a rift between the United States and Israel. While Netanyahu believes Iran must be prevented from enriching uranium, President Obama supports a deal that would allow Iran to engage in uranium enrichment for supposedly peaceful purposes and that would create a ‘breakout period,’ meaning it would take one year for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon should it decide to do so.

As U.S. foreign policy increasingly stands at stark odds with Israel’s safety, American Pastors Network (APN,, on behalf of thousands of member pastors across the nation, today re-emphasized its unwavering support for Israel and explained why this support must come from individuals, from the church, and from the United States as a nation.

“The simple reason we as individuals must support the State of Israel is because God does,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, who is also President of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN, “The Jews are His chosen people, and He gave His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He would not only bless them but also bless every nation that blesses them and curse every nation that curses them. It was through the Jews that God brought Messiah—Yeshua. The entire plan of redemption and all of Scripture came to us through the Jews. God prophesied that He would bring His people back to the land He gave them—the land of Israel. He has done this and He is still doing it. Throughout history, God has miraculously protected the Jewish people although the nations around them have sought to annihilate them.” 

Gary Dull, Executive Director of PPN, echoed this truth:

“God promised Abram in Genesis 12:1-3 that those who bless Israel will be blessed by God and those who curse Israel will be cursed by God. All true believers today recognize that covenant is still active. The conviction of every real Christian is that the fundamental component for the Church to be strengthened and used by God is for the Church to have a genuine love for Israel.” 

Added the Rev. Dave Kistler, President of the North Carolina Pastors Network, a state network of APN:

“We as a church must support Israel because John 4:22 says that ‘salvation is of the Jews,’ meaning that through the Jewish people came our Savior. We, as individual believers owe an eternal debt of gratitude to the nation of Israel.  Additionally, Romans 15:27 states that as we are Gentile beneficiaries of salvation, the very least we can do is support the Jewish people in material things.” 

Additionally, Rohrer emphasized why the United States as a nation must stand with Israel against a nuclear Iran rather than form deals with the Islamic state.

“There is no closer ally in ideology and system of law in the Middle East than Israel. Should the United States and Western nations oppose Israel and stand with Islam? Can our historic republic, based on the values of Judeo-Christian law and governance, be overlooked, discounted or cast aside and our Constitutional republic survive? When the rise of Islam and Sharia law, which seeks the genocide of Israel, all Jews, all Christians and the Western world, raises its evil head and begins to march, should I, you, or our nation stand idly by while the demonic efforts of Islam like its former allies—the Nazis of years past—be simply overlooked? Should we not understand that those who wish for the destruction of Israel seek our destruction as well?”

APN concluded by saying that regardless of where the Obama Administration chooses to stand, America’s pastors stand with Israel.

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