American Pastors Network: Thankfulness— A Command, Not a Suggestion

 APN Demonstrates How to Be Thankful in all Things 

 PHILADELPHIA—It may be difficult to be thankful in a world full of sin and strife, but American Pastors Network (APN, is reminding Christians this Thanksgiving season that thanking God daily is much more than something we should do—it’s something we must do.

 “Later this week, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving Day,” said APN President Sam Rohrer in one of APN’s recent “Stand in the Gap” radio features, “but giving thanks to God every day is important for many reasons. First, it’s a command. In I Thessalonians 5:18, we’re told to give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will. Giving thanks in all circumstances in the life of a Christian is sometimes hard to do. In sickness, in disease, in poverty and persecution? Yes! 

“Job was a man who lost his children and his possessions, and even his wife told him to curse God and die, but Job did what God commands us to do,” Rohrer continued. “He praised God in the midst of the most horrible of circumstances. You see, God’s strength is most evident and his power most awesome when we’re weak and in greatest need. If you trust in the Lord and thank Him for all things, your light will shine bright. This is God’s will.”


The American Pastors Network is a Ministry Program Affiliate of Capstone Legacy Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian Public Community Foundation registered nationwide).

Pennsylvania Pastors Network is a state chapter affiliate of the American Pastors Network.

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