American Pastors Network: Subpoenas Only Part of the Problem

PHILADELPHIA—American Pastors Network (APN, released the following statement following Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s announcement this morning that she will withdraw subpoenas against five Houston pastors demanding their private communication regarding homosexuality. 

“From the beginning, this issue has been about thought-policing anyone who supports God’s design for sexuality,” said APN President Sam Rohrer. “What we saw with this specific targeting of Christian pastors through these subpoenas, as well as through the rejection of a petition with more than 50,000 citizen signatures, is the clear repudiation of God, Christianity, Jesus Christ, religious freedom, morality, decency, the Rule of Law and the Constitution. The subpoenas were a direct attack on the Constitutionally guaranteed right of religious freedom and on the God-given duty for pastors to speak Biblical truth to their congregations. The subpoenas may be gone, but the problem still remains as Mayor Parker prepares to defend the ordinance that gives preferential treatment to the LBGT community.”

Earlier this month, five pastors in Houston were sent subpoenas, as attorneys for the city demanded their sermon notes and congregational communications about homosexuality, transgenderism, or Mayor Annise Parker, who is an open lesbian. The subpoenas are part of an ongoing lawsuit about a bathroom ordinance in Houston that gives special rights to homosexual and transgendered individuals—an ordinance in place even though more than 50,000 objected and signed a petition to oppose it, more than double the number of signatures required to place the issue on the ballot before voters. The petition was rejected by the council on a technicality.

On Nov. 2, Christians across America can join together for “I Stand Sunday” (, hosted by Family Research Council at Grace Community Church, 14505 Gulf Freeway in Houston.

Speakers from across the nation will gather to focus on the freedom to live out our faith, free of government intrusion or monitoring. APN is a partnering organization for “I Stand Sunday.”


The American Pastors Network is a Ministry Program Affiliate of Capstone Legacy Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian Public Community Foundation registered nationwide).

Pennsylvania Pastors Network is a state chapter affiliate of the American Pastors Network.




To interview Sam Rohrer, President of American Pastors Network and Pennsylvania Pastors Network, contact Deborah Hamilton at, 215-815-7716 or 610-584-1096.


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