November 2014 Pulpit Champion-Dr. Edward Mallonee

The American Pastors Network announces it’s Pulpit Champion for the month of November, 2014.  Each month we’ll highlight a Pastor who has demonstrated a desire to promote the mission, vision, and purpose of APN.  This month we have chosen Dr. Edward Mallonee, Senior Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Beaver Spring, PA and a member of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network Leadership Council. He has been a pastor for 47 years!  His church owns 3 radio stations broadcasting out of the Beaver Springs, PA area with several new stations in the works. You can find out more about the radio stations here:

We asked Dr. Mallonee three questions regarding his life and ministry. He responded with these answers.

  1. What is your life verse? Prov. 3:5,6
  2. What are the top 3 news sources you go to to learn about what is going on in the world?  Fox news, AFR news, One News now, and Grassroots for PA Issues.
  3. Why do you think it is important for pastors to speak out?

God’s pastors have always been responsible to speak out against the sins of the people; warn them of judgment; offer to them the message of hope in Christ.   The saying, “Bad politicians are elected by good people who do not vote” also goes for bad things, laws, philosophies, etc. which prevail when “good” pastors (that is, those who know the truth) fail to speak out.  That mandate is based upon Ezek. 33:1-20

Thank you, Pastor Mallonee, for being our Pulpit Champion of the month!

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  1. bonnie
    bonnie says:

    Congrats to you Pastor Denny—Gamber boy does good!!! Wonderful to hear good news about good people–my best to you and Bev…Bonnie


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