Advice for churches in ministering to different cultural groups

What are recommendations for a church or ministry that is seeking to minister to a different cultural group that can help them show God’s love and make all the people of that community feel welcome at their church?

Ways to reach out to cross cultural people around us

To the person who maybe has a neighbor or coworker who has come to this country and English is not his or her native language, what would be some Biblical ways that we can reach out to that person and hopefully even have an opportunity to present the Gospel to them?

What is missing in the American Church to deal with issues of cultural diversity?

In the book of Acts, we read about cultural diversity and how every nation is represented. How does this help deal with such issues in 2017? What is lacking or missing as the church in America to deal with these problems?

6/27/17 – Equipping Christians for Cross-cultural Outreach in America

Equipping Christians for Cross-cultural Outreach in America. We are joined by Dr. Sam Horn (Exec. VP for Enrollment and Ministerial Advancement, Dean of the School of Religion and the Seminary at Bob Jones University). Topics discussed include: The firing of adjunct professor Lisa Durden. Responding as churches and Christian ministries to need for cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship. Bob Jones University methods for reaching and training minorities and foreign nationals. Direct steps that Christians can use in cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship.