Stand in the Gap Today 7/20/15

Today’s discussion asks some key questions: Will Trump’s comments about McCain hurt his Presidential Campaign? Will the Iran Nuclear Agreement bring peace to the Middle East? And what connection does ISIS have, if any, to the Chattanooga attacks?

Stand in the Gap Today 7/17/15

How do we deal with the “really big” threats in our lives? Or, more importantly, how do we hear the “really big” warnings from God in our lives? Hosts Sam Rohrer and Dave Kistler discuss the Chattanooga shooting, ISIS threats, and more!

Stand in the Gap Today 7/16/15

The Supreme Court decision on gay marriage prompts both a legal and moral response. Attorney David New joins the program to discuss the legal response, followed by Hosts Sam Rohrer and David Kistler discussing the worldwide moral response to the ruling.

Stand in the Gap Today 7/15/15

Guest Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, joins the program to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal in light of biblical prophecy.

Stand in the Gap Today 07/14/15

Hosts Sam Rohrer and Gary Dull discuss the Iran Nuclear Agreement. How does an agreement differ from a treaty and how has President Obama used this to his advantage? What does this deal mean for the US and it’s allies? Listen to this program to hear more breaking news on this historic event!

Stand in the Gap Today 7/13/15

Stand in the Gap hosts discuss the financial disaster in Greece, the widening GOP Presidential candidate field, and the Iran Nuke Deal—all from a biblical and constitutional perspective.

Stand in the Gap Today 7/10/15

Guest Anna Harmon, Constitutional Attorney for Aaron and Melissa Klein, gives an update on the case brought against them for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Other topics include the removal of the Confederate Flag at the State House in SC, the surprising rise of Donald Trump in the polls, troop cutbacks, and more!

Stand in the Gap Today 7/9/15

Guests Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, join the program to tell their story and share why they will not keep silent or give in to those who want to deprive them of their religious and constitutional rights as Christians, American citizens, and business owners.

Find out how you can sign a petition pledging your support for the Klein’s.

Stand in the Gap Today 7/8/15

This program originally aired on May 20th. Dr. Charles Dunn, who worked with the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations shares his thoughts on presidential leadership and executive action. He is an author, international lecturer, teacher and leader. He is the author of the book titled “The Upstream Christian In A Downstream World.”

Stand in the Gap Today 7/7/15

This program originally aired on June 29th. Topics include the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage: The response from the Whitehouse, TX and LA who passed laws to protect pastors and churches, and what churches must do to protect themselves legally.