Stand in the Gap Today 8/04/15

Topics: Proof we’re living in an upside down kind of world:

  • When the US Senate won’t move to defund Planned Parenthood and their President has the audacity to say that the videoing of their personnel is “depravity” while at the same time justifying  the destruction of human life as legitimate.
  • When Barack Obama’s infatuation with Climate Change is more than seeking a ‘green legacy’. As meteorologist Joe Bastardi said, the only way to explain this is that we are now entering ‘The Twilight Zone’.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/03/15

What will the Presidential debate lineup look like on FOX news this coming Thursday, and what will be the ACTUAL outcome of the Iranian Nuke Deal? Could it be conventional war now, or nuclear war later? What about Franklin Graham’s controversial statement on immigration?  All these topics and more in today’s discussion.

Stand in the Gap Today 7/31/15

Topics for the day:  Do evangelicals have their eyes on Trump?  Why is Wheaton College dropping student healthcare coverage? And does the planting of Confederate Flags around the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA help or hurt black civil rights?

Stand in the Gap Today 7/30/15

It’s no question that America has great spiritual needs. From issues that plague the 2016 Presidential race to the troubling trends within the Millenial Generation, today’s program discusses these and more from a biblical perspective.

Stand in the Gap Today 7/29/15

Guest Dan Celia, Host of Financial Issues Live radio program, discusses questions regarding responsible investing in the wake of the Planned Parenthood Expose’.  Here are a few of the questions:

  • Is knowingly Investing in companies that support companies like Planned Parenthood that bad?
  • Is knowingly investing in companies that support the criminal activities of such companies as Planned Parenthood the same as supporting Planned Parenthood?
  • Is knowingly investing in any company that promotes the moral deterioration of our society biblically acceptable, let alone ‘responsible’?
  • Can a person know where their investments are placed so they do not participate or profit in the promotion of evil or those who produce products or services designed to undermine the moral fabric of society?

Stand in the Gap Today 7/28/15

Does the rise of the Euroasia Economic Union with Russia in the lead fit within biblical prophecy? With NATO and the Euroasia nations aligning with Iran against Israel- and Israel not backing down,  is war  coming? Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today joins the discussion to answer these questions and more!

Stand in the Gap Today 7/27/15

Stand in the Gap Today hosts discuss Gov. Huckabee’s statement on the Iran Nuke agreement, the defunding  of Planned Parenthood, and Church vs. State problems in Missouri over the national motto being displayed on patrol cars. Question: What are the real issues here and why must the truth prevail when addressing matters of political, moral, or lawful consequence?

Stand in the Gap Today 7/24/15

While immigration reform looms as a top issue for 2016 Presidential candidates, national security is less of a priority.  Is this problematic? And is the idea of “sanctuary cities” a good idea from a biblical perspective?

Stand in the Gap Today 7/22/15

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Topics: Who are the “Corporate Faces” behind the Planned Parenthood atrocities? And why should Christians be evaluating the next Presidential Candidate for the 2016 election by a different “measuring rod”?

Stand in the Gap Today 7/21/15

Guest Jeff Mateer, Attorney with Liberty Institute, joins the program to discuss how the SCOTUS Marriage ruling has launched an assault on religious liberty, and why  living by what you say you believe will be so crucial in defending future freedoms.