Stand in the Gap Today 8/18/15

What does ‘triangulation’ mean and how does it apply to analyzing current events accurately? Guest Jeff Niklaus, former helicopter pilot who took part in the mission that inspired the movie ‘Black Hawk Down’, joins the program to discuss this military term and more.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/17/15

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, and Israel and Middle East Expert, discusses the following:

  • Russia and NATO on the verge of war, with Ukraine at the Center.
  • Russia and the rise of the nations of the East are fulfilling Biblical Prophecy as they position themselves against the rise of the NATO and the New World Order  in Europe.
  • Animal sacrifice on the Temple Mount moves ever closer to prophetical fulfillment

Stand in the Gap Today 8/14/15

The Christian Purge Continues…Hosts discuss the recent case in Kentucky regarding Chaplain David Wells, who must sign a statement saying he will not tell inmates that homosexuality is a “sin”, or forfeit his credentials.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/13/15

Attorney David New, with the “Washington Beat”,  joins the program to discuss the effort to force judges to perform same-sex marriages despite their personal convictions;  and what would a Trump Presidency  look like?

Stand in the Gap Today 8/12/15

Is what we’re seeing in Ferguson the “new normal” whenever racial tension runs high? Ed Stephens, South Florida law enforcement officer, gives us some clarity on the issue and also provides experienced insight on border security.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/11/15

Col. John Eidsmoe, Pastor and Senior Counsel with the Foundation for Moral Law, discusses the difference between a marriage covenant and a marriage license. Since marriage is God’s institution and is in the purview of the Church, should government be removed from involvement in marriage at all?

Stand in the Gap Today 8/10/15

What is the latest polling data from Thursday’s first GOP debate?  And will Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Huma Abedin have an effect on her candidacy? Will this relationship affect our national security?  All these and more on today’s program.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/7/15

Hosts Dave Kistler, and Dr. Gary Dull, are joined by guests Jim O’Bryon (former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense), and Dan Kistler to discuss last evening’s first, and fireworks-filled, GOP presidential debate.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/06/15

Guest Anna Hartman, Attorney for Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes Bakery, joins the program to give an update on how the Klein’s are faring.  The discussion continues on who will “win” the show on the FOX Presidential debate tonight.

Stand in the Gap Today 8/05/15

Guest Jeff Niklaus, outspoken Christian and military veteran (he took part in the Ranger mission that inspired the movie “Black Hawk Down”), joins the program to discuss how the strategic military view for successful operations is extraordinarily parallel to our Christian walk; and how being under authority is critical-not only to a military mission, but also to our spiritual mission.