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American Pastors Network Cheers Trump’s Nomination of Constitutionalist to SCOTUS

Consistent with its invitation to citizens, pastors, and lawmakers to Restore the Law violated by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, the American Pastors Network welcomed President Trump’s selection of Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court of the United States seat left vacant after the death of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. APN values Barrett’s distinguished record of […]

In Response to Federal Judge Ruling PA Gov. Pandemic Shutdown Unconstitutional:

Citizens, Contact Your Legislators to Restore the Law; Legislature Cannot Recognize Court’s Ruling as Gov. Wolf Acted Outside the Law Causing Chaos Federal judge William S. Stickman ruled that it was unconstitutional for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and his administration to shut down and provide other directives to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stickman said […]

Citizens Must Own Responsibility, Compel Legislature to Hold Executive and Judicial Branches Accountable for Unlawful Mandates

Sharp concern over Executive Branch and Judicial Branch violations of state law continues to spread among the citizens of Pennsylvania, as a growing number of the state’s pastors urge churchgoers to embrace their Biblical and Constitutional responsibility to hold the state government accountable for the unlawful coronavirus mandates currently in effect. The groundswell of citizen […]

Pastors Have the Responsibility to Confront the Sin of Lawlessness at Every Level of Government

More pastors are speaking out against mandates Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and other members of the Executive Branch continue to impose on citizens in the name of public health. Increasingly, pastors are urging that corrective action come not only from the General Assembly but from every pulpit across the Keystone State. Churchgoers throughout Pennsylvania have […]

Pa. Gov. Wolf COVID-19 Student Masking Mandates Are Dangerous and Violate Existing Child Abuse Law

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s office last week tightened up the state’s requirements for all-day mask wearing by students in schools, effectively contradicting current child abuse laws and abuse prevention policies Wolf has until now supported. The latest clamp-down on masks drew fierce criticism from parents, teachers, students and the American Pastors Network, which recently sent […]

Pastors Send Historic Open Letter with Resolution Urging PA General Assembly to Restore the Law and to Declare Unlawful the Current COVID-19 Mandates by Gov. Wolf and PA Supreme Court Decisions

Includes the Constitutional Lawmaking Remedy to Restore the Balance of Power Usurped by the Governor and the Supreme Court, Restore Violated Constitutional Freedoms and Declare Certain Actions to Be ‘Null and Void and Without Authority’ As a growing number of restaurant and bar owners prepare to open at full capacity in defiance of coronavirus-related restrictions […]

American Pastors Network: Pastors Should Impart to Church Members Basic Biblical Teaching That Civil Authority Is Limited

Officials keen to enforce coronavirus-related mandates imposed by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf have issued another spate of citations to businesses allegedly in violation, drawing criticism from faith leaders who point out Wolf’s rules were never approved by state lawmakers, which the constitution requires. When officials flout the limitations of their offices, it’s up to citizens […]

Pastors Must Lead in Pandemic Response by Asking Most Basic Questions about Authority and Law, Separation of Powers, Says American Pastors Network

As states experiencing increases in the number of patients testing positive for coronavirus, reprisals of mandates arising out of limited duration and questionable executive branch ‘emergency powers’ threaten to become the new normal. Although pockets of Americans continue to dispute the sweeping regulatory powers that non-legislative bodies are wielding, many are blindly yielding to these […]

American Pastors Network’s Note to Fellow Pastors: Denounce Government Overreach Now To Preserve Freedom Tomorrow

Leading conservative Christian voices are calling on Americans to recognize and resist the overreach of elected officials who oppress God-given and constitutionally protected rights by imposing restrictions on businesses, schools, homes and even churches. American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer invited fellow pastor and author Matthew J. Trewhella, author of “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate,” onto the “Stand […]