American Pastors Network: Israel and U.S. Share Commonality of Political Turmoil

While many Americans dread the drama leading up to American presidential elections every four years, Israel is heading for its third election in less than one year.

And the American Pastors Network (APN) says the two nations currently share at least one commonality—political turmoil. APN follows news about Israel closely, especially as it relates to American politics and American Christians—and in light of the fact that Israel will be one of the most important 2020 election issues. In fact, APN focuses on Israel at least once a week on its daily “Stand in the Gap Today” radio program, which airs on about 400 stations nationwide, as well as addresses news coming out of the Middle East from a biblical and constitutional perspective.

“If we think Washington, D.C., and the American political system is in turmoil—and it is—the Israeli political system is perhaps in greater turmoil, having been unable to form a working parliament and now being forced to proceed to a third general national election in less than 12 months,” Rohrer said. “For Israel, however, this government crisis continues in the midst of imminent war with Iran and it’s coalition members. This developing situation is significant for Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire Middle East. Earlier this month, the world marked the two-year anniversary of President Trump declaring the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Linked together and with other facts, Biblical prophecy is literally coming alive before our eyes.”

Since the historic move in May 2018 to dissolve the parliament when Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to form a majority government, each succeeding month has been historic, Rohrer noted. Moving into a second election in September, then still unable to form a government, the nation now moves to a third election scheduled for March 2.

“What is also troubling,” Rohrer added, “is that Israel sits at the precipice of war with Iran and its Islamic neighbors, the acting prime minister is being hounded by his political enemies and is under indictment for bribery, and there is no one at the moment who seems posed to be able to rule the nation. Understanding that Israel is even in existence because of a miracle of God Himself, many may wonder if the disfunction and concerning status of the Israeli government is unknown to God. Unfortunately, there appears to be no reason to believe that another election will produce any different results. This is a serious and significant political crisis for Israel.”

Additionally, Rohrer said, Netanyahu’s enemies have seemed to fuel the current crisis with legal challenges and allegations of bribery against him. Yet, even in the midst of this, Netanyahu has been very bold and continues to warn the world about Iran.

According to The Times of Israel, Netanyahu said on Dec. 1, that “While the Iranian regime is killing its own people, European countries rush to support that very murderous regime.”

“The enemies of Israel—led by Iran—must be taking advantage of this situation,” Rohrer said. “Another report indicated that Iran is building massive tunnels in Syria for the storage of Iranian missiles. The Pentagon is also considering sending thousands more U.S. military personnel to the Syrian/Iraqi border to fortify resistance against Iranian expansion. This continued military build-up has both geo-political and prophetical meaning.”

With ongoing headlines from Israel, Rohrer added that American Christians should remain supportive of Israel and pray for peace.

“Christians should be more engaged, more passionate and more prayerful when it comes to Israel,” he added. “We know God draws people in and calls them to be involved and that the American connection to Israel is blessed by God. Therefore, we should also link these two nations together and their impending elections in prayer. If Christians don’t have a heart for Israel, they should. If they don’t have a heart for our own country, they should.”

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