American Pastors Network Debuts New ‘Stand in the Gap’ Television Program Today on Upliftv

Beginning today, “Stand in the Gap” TV, which analyzes transcending cultural issues from a biblical worldview perspective and which most deem difficult to navigate, will air on Upliftv through DirecTV Channel 379, Frontier Communications, Buckeye Broadband, Consolidated Communications and Hotwire Communications. Learn more about Upliftv here.

“Our prayerful intent is that this program will bring clarity to cultural confusion and make sense of the nonsense around us,” said APN President and “Stand in the Gap” host Sam Rohrer. “‘Stand in the Gap’ TV focuses on root problems and applies biblical principles so God’s people can know the truth. God’s Word holds the answer to every issue. We believe that, and He does mean what He says. Each week, we’ll take the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other, and present solutions and answers to the most controversial and complex issues of the day.”

“Stand in the Gap” TV will air at 3:30 p.m. Tuesdays and noon Thursdays on Upliftv, reaching a potential of 24 million households nationally.

In April, “Stand in the Gap” debuted Sunday afternoons on WBPH-TV60, a television station in the Philadelphia market that reaches a potential of 7 million viewers in the greater Philadelphia region by cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, off air antenna and online. The program airs on WBPH at 3 p.m. Sundays and is rebroadcast at 8 p.m. Tuesdays and 7:30 p.m. Thursdays.

“Stand in the Gap” TV also airs on WVCY-America TV 30 in the Milwaukee market. The show airs several times throughout the week in southeast Wisconsin on DirecTV Channel 30/950; Dish Channel 30/7707, cable, antenna and at

Rohrer is a former businessman, 18-year Pennsylvania state legislator and candidate for governor. He is a regular guest on national radio and TV, speaking on a wide range of public policy issues including the biblical role of government, the dangers of Islam, the organized homosexual lobby and the defense of marriage.

Co-hosting with Rohrer is Isaac Crockett, pastor of Hamburg Bible Church. He has had the opportunity to travel throughout the U.S., preaching and teaching in hundreds of churches and Christian schools, as well as five foreign countries. Crockett has also worked as a social worker and substitute teacher.


Learn more about “Stand in the Gap” TV here or view a promo for the show here.

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  1. Allen Ceplina
    Allen Ceplina says:

    as I watched Stand in the Gap,the question this week was does God speak,and why,
    My Answer,yes! To confirm his Promiss,he will always be with us,the other day while I watched tv,TV, was a sinus surgeon on(air pathage),at this time as I am Born Again,I asked God,are you still with me?,if so I’d like to here my name(Allen) on tv,well next day I was driving to work and a cpap (breathing machine)advertisement came on and thank the Lord,and the advertisement stated,now that(Allen) is using the cap machine (Allen is breathing better.) Both when I asked God for confirmation, sinus surgeon was on,God answered me in breathing commercial,when you know how to listen to God,you here him continuosly,continuously, I do.Thank God!

  2. Allen Ceplina
    Allen Ceplina says:

    Stand in the Gap aired on wvcy,my belief of praying to heal our Nation,
    If My People will Humble themselves and seek My Face I believe is as believers,we should ” Humble ” may be,(forgive) your fellow men/women,and pray for them!,that we can see their Sins!


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