The Consummate Example of Hate!

You’d have to be living in a cave somewhere, not to know about the totally insane action of Kathy Griffin–holding up what appeared to be
the severed head of our President. Her actions, subsequent “apology” and the public’s response beg for a couple comments.

First, Kathy’s apology was anything BUT sincere. How do I know that? Well, for starters, if you’ve seen said “apology” you will note the
rolling of her eyes and insincere attitude.

But, above and beyond all of that is the fact that Kathy primarily “apologized” to the wrong person (s). Has she offended many Americans,
including me? Absolutely! Has she traumatized some young children, including Barron Trump? Certainly! Has she disgraced her profession and herself? Without doubt! But, the FIRST AND FOREMOST individual to whom she should have issued her “apology” is President Donald Trump.

In her approximately 30 second “apology” she said nothing to the 45th President, against whom she committed an illegality. In fact, if there
is such a thing as a hate crime (and there certainly is), then SHE COMMITTED ONE! But, to the very one against whom she perpetrated this
heinous act, she said nothing!

So, Kathy, how about issuing a genuine, directed, sincere apology to the one against whom you broke the law and because of whom you should be in jail!

Second, the silence of many on the left is just as stunning as Kathy’s egregious stupidity. The very ones who accuse preachers of being hateful
for speaking the truth about the most evil ideology of our time, refuse to say anything about Kathy’s venomously hate-filled stunt. Does anyone see the hypocrisy and insincerity here, for it is certainly on vivid display!

No, instead of calling for Kathy to apologize, the purveyors of political correctness continue their fake outrage, or perhaps sincere
outrage, directed at truth speakers–those who love innocent victims and their country enough to actually “tell it like it is!”

One last point. To the many who incessantly accuse God’s genuine preachers of “fear mongering” when they speak the truth, may I ask this
probing question? What about true “fear mongering”–things like Kathy has done that traumatizes young children, including the President’s son? Are you going to speak as definitively with respect to that? Are you going to use your limited vocabulary to call her out on her lunacy? Of
course not! Because, objective truth is not now, and probably never has been, your pursuit.

At least CNN has ended it’s relationship with the now disgraced comic. If the legal system were to choose to pursue a prosecution of Griffin,
she’d deserve every bit of it! This kind of illegality, open hostility, and abject stupidity simply cannot be excused any longer.

It’s time for someone to “tell it like it is!” And, if that means suffering accusations of being “un-Christian,” then so be it! In actuality, the most Christian thing one can do is speak truthfully. And, those who do are in GREAT company–with the One who is THE TRUTH!

-Dave Kistler, President

North Carolina Pastors Network

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