Survey of 1,000+ PA Radio Listeners Ranks ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ No. 1 Favorite Program


The results are in, and radio listeners are reporting that “Stand in the Gap Today” from the American Pastors Network (APN) is one of their favorites.

“Stand in the Gap Today” airs on nearly 425 radio stations nationwide, and recently, several stations in Pennsylvania, where APN is headquartered, asked listeners several questions during annual share-a-thons.

The PA stations perhaps serve as a nationwide sample, and the findings were extremely positive for the “Stand in the Gap” lineup of radio programming.

First, WJSM 1110 AM in Martinsburg and WJSM 92.7 FM in Altoona, which have carried “Stand in the Gap Today” across southwest Pennsylvania for two years, asked respondents about their favorite programs during a three-day share-a-thon. Of more than 600 respondents, 87 percent stated that “Stand in the Gap Today” is their No. 1 favorite program on the station. This station airs the show Monday through Friday in the evening. The program is recorded live at noon each day.

When asked why the show was a favorite, one listener answered, “Because I can trust what they say. It is where we get our highlight news of the day. It is where I go to help me know how to think biblically about the issues of the day.”

 Additional programs on WJSM include “Focus on the Family” with Jim Daly, Juli Slattery and John Fuller; “Turning Point” with Dr. David Jeremiah; “Discover The Word;” “Back to the Bible Radio” with Warren Wiersbe; “Prophecy For Today” and “Thru The Bible Radio.” WJSM also carries APN’s other two programs: “Stand in the Gap Minute” and “Stand in the Gap Weekend.”

Then, a network of three stations in central Pennsylvania—WFBA 90.5 FM in Kulpmont, WFBM 90.5 FM in Beaver Springs and WFBV 90.1 FM in Selinsgrove—also asked listeners the same question during a recent three-day share-a-thon. Between 85 and 90 percent of approximately 500 respondents stated that “Stand in the Gap Today” was their No. 1 favorite program.

On these stations, “Stand in the Gap Today” airs live Monday through Friday at noon, and these stations have also carried the show for two years and offer listeners APN’s other two programs as well.

Arbitron ratings from a few years ago indicated that these stations rated No. 1 in the market for the longest listening segments. The program lineups on this network include mostly Christian music with some Christian programming, such as “Unshackled,” “Bible Pathway,” “Creation Moments” and “Eagle Forum Radio.”

“This is remarkable news for the American Pastors Network and our ‘Stand in the Gap’ radio ministry,” said APN President and “Stand in the Gap Today” host Sam Rohrer. “We hear from station managers that listeners love our programs and glean biblical and constitutional knowledge from them. But to have actual survey findings reinforce those opinions through research is immensely uplifting. We praise God for the opportunity to reach thousands of His people through ‘Stand in the Gap’ radio.”



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