Connecting Older and Younger Pastors to Address the Millennial Faith Crisis

Few would argue that there’s no disconnect between generations when it comes to matters of faith. And this is true of pastors from different generations as well, which is why the American Pastors Network (APN, is embarking on a new initiative to bring together millennial pastors with those who have spent 20 or 30 years, or more, in ministry.

APN President Sam Rohrer recently talked with The Christian Post about the plan to bridge the gap between these pastors, noting that connecting biblically faithful pastors across generations is crucial both for the church and for millennials who are leaving the faith.

“If we believe, which we do, that the Scripture holds the answers to all issues of life, then in fact, the confusion of the day does not need to remain confusion of the day but it can be brought to clarity and purpose when biblical principles are applied to the issues,” Rohrer told The Christian Post.

“The Christian life, biblical truth is real,” he continued. “It changes lives, it affects everything, everything that we do no matter our station in life. So if that’s the case then we believe that God’s model is that the pulpit is the place from which that needs to come.”

So far, the response to the “bridging the gap” project has been overwhelmingly positive.

“There is a desire from many who are younger to learn from those who are older,” Rohrer said, “but there’s no bridge.”

Read the entire Christian Post article here. Read more about the American Pastors Network and its “Stand in the Gap” radio ministry here.

To interview Sam Rohrer from the American Pastors Network, contact Beth Harrison at 610-584-1096, ext. 104,, or Deborah Hamilton at 215-815-7716 or 610-584-1096, ext. 102.

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