Stand in the Gap Today 1/13/17

So, are you “hopeful” with respect to the future of the United States? And if you are, why? On today’s program, we’re going to provide some reasons to give you GREAT hope as we move into 2017! Host: Dave Kistler

Stand in the Gap Today 1/12/17

What are some of the little known truths about Alexander Hamilton and the Constitutional Convention? Attorney David New joins the program as guest to discuss these topics and more. Host: Sam Rohrer

Stand in the Gap Today 1/11/17

Is biblical prophecy being fulfilled by the UN and US condemnation of Israel? Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, joins the program to discuss this latest development. Host: Sam Rohrer

American Pastors Network Urges Churches to Mark Sanctity of Human Life Sunday—a Time to Reflect on God’s Gifts and Need to Protect Them

In a parting shot to pro-life efforts around the nation, President Barack Obama issued a rule last month that bars states from denying federal funds to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Obama’s rule will take effect two days before President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated, reported the New York Times, and just a few days after churches nationwide observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday on Jan. 15.

But late last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan vowed that Republican lawmakers “will move to strip all federal funding for Planned Parenthood as part of the process they are using early this year to dismantle Obamacare,” reported CNN.

Regardless of how the situation progresses, the American Pastors Network is urging pastors and churches to stand up for life—especially in January during Sanctity of Human Life Month.

“Although life is precious every day of the year,” said APN President Sam Rohrer, “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is a time when pastors and churches can truly focus on protecting life in their communities. We can no longer ignore abortion in our churches. Many may be struggling with the scars of abortion in their own lives, and looking to the church for help, healing and restoration. Additionally, we must equip our people to stand up for the sanctity of life in their own communities, states and across the nation. Let’s work toward the goal that 2017 will be the year that Planned Parenthood is defunded for good, that a new Supreme Court justice who will stand for life will be appointed, and that the killing of innocent babies will no longer continue to be stain on the pages of our nation’s history.”

More than three decades ago, President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation declaring Jan. 22, 1984, as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. The Sunday closest to this day is observed as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Jan. 22 marks the 44th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, which legalized abortion in America. estimates that nearly 59 million babies have been aborted since then.

Stand in the Gap Today 1/10/17

As Cabinet hearings begin, what are the responsibilities of the Attorney General and how does this position relate to the mission of the Department of Justice? Who is #JeffSessions and why is he a good man for the job? Host: Sam Rohrer

What Love is This?

“And this I pray that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment.” (Phil. 1:9)

What a pertinent analogy there is in this powerful verse. The picture is, as it were, of a river with two banks on either side. Those two banks, or boundaries, are KNOWLEDGE and JUDGMENT. KNOWLEDGE is that
intimate understanding of a thing. It is an intellectual component. JUDGMENT is discernment–the ability to appropriately distinguish between things.

In other words, the two banks that hem in an abounding river called love is knowledge and discernment. Apart from banks (boundaries), a normally beneficial thing (a river) becomes an incredibly destructive thing. Have you ever been in a flooded area? The incredibly destructive power of water out of its banks is fearsome. Equally, unbounded love is just as destructive, even diabolical.

Tragically, we live in a contemporary world where the concept of love is almost totally misunderstood and certainly abused. There is a present generation (even in the church) that advocates unbridled love–that is
love without ANY boundaries. It’s almost as if we are being admonished to love any and all, even that which is completely antithetical to God’s word, will, and ways.

For the Biblical believer, our standard is God’s word. Unfortunately, the word of God is incessantly under attack by many in this present generation. I have no doubt that is the case because God’s word stands
in the way of their unbridled, unbiblical, ungodly desires. Rather than the word being the standard, the “love of Jesus” is.

In all candor, we cannot know the love of Jesus apart from the word of God. And, the word clearly says, “Ye that love the Lord, hate evil!” (Ps. 97:10)

So, for love to be biblical, legitimate, and acceptable to the God of heaven, it must have as a component of it–holy hatred of that which is evil. So, no matter how emotional, empathetic, and seemingly effective
love may appear to be, if it has not this holy hatred for evil, it is false and a sad counterfeit of the genuine article.

Hardly a week (now, almost a day) goes by without me hearing some contemporary “believer” condemning discernment in the name of “love.” That condemnation can take many forms–from the condemnation of those who see, and are attempting to warn about, the evils of Islam, to the
equally vengeful language directed toward one who holds to the inerrancy and authority of the Bible.

Think of what I just said. The “loving” contemporary “believer” harbors abject animosity toward another–the one who attempts to exercise discerning love by calling evil by its name. Unbelievable, is it not?

I have no doubt that my comments here will be misconstrued and maligned as “unloving” by some. But, I write these words out of deep and abounding love for my Lord, His word, and people.

I have little doubt that if Jesus were to literally emerge in a contemporary city, fashion a whip of cord, and wade into the middle of a religious setting, driving the false worshippers out, He, Himself, would
be condemned as “unloving.” The One Who is Love, would be deemed unloving.

Bottom line is this! All that claims to be love is NOT. All that masquerades as loving is NOT. So, may God grant the requisite KNOWLEDGE and DISCERNMENT that will allow us to genuinely love as did our Savior.

I can assure you that the river of His love was not out of bounds. Rather, His love was controlled by the very things that are to control our love–Knowledge and discernment. “But Jesus did not commit Himself
to them, because He knew all men, and needed not that any should testify of man, for he knew what was in man.” (John 2: 24-25) Now, that’s knowledge and discernment–hence Biblical love!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International/HOPE To The Hill
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

Stand in the Gap Today 1/9/17

Should a diagnosis of mental illness be an acceptable defense in the case of a crime committed? How should a Christian think about this issue and does the Bible have anything to say about it? Are those who commit crimes in the name of religion “mentally ill”?  Host: Sam Rohrer

Defending the Church Against Terrorism

Recent threats from Islamic terrorists against US churches raises serious questions.  Is there a place for God and guns in the church? What does the Bible say about self-defense and what are the practical steps necessary to protect believers in the face of danger from terrorists? Today’s program features guest Leo Hohmann, news editor with World Net Daily ( and author of the book, Stealth Invasion.

Stand in the Gap Today 1/6/17

IQ al-Rassooli, geopolitical expert, author, and former Iraqi exile,  joins the program to talk about the economic growth in the UK following Brexit, John Kerry’s amazing statements on the US position in the Middle East, and the continued bias of the media against President Elect Donald Trump. Host: Sam Rohrer