Do You Believe in God?

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  1. Timothy E Holloway DMD
    Timothy E Holloway DMD says:

    Great one minute piece on the fundamentals of belief. The next real challenge is to live like you believe in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and His son Jesus. The Scriptures tell us that even the demons “believe” God exists but they choose to defy His complete and sovereign authority over their existence. Simply believing in God’s existence is essential but totally inadequate. We must live like we believe in and are truly grateful for a sovereign God who cared and loved us enough to tell us His plan for a fulfilling life and how He expects us to live. Only with compliance do we obtain that Godly peace that passes all human understanding.

  2. Dewey Mason
    Dewey Mason says:

    The question for any Christian to anyone is “Do you know God”, to believe is one step less then knowing him as in your 24/7 to realize the endless universe as in the same is God. To know how micro you are, less then the smallest entity in the universe compared to God. To move from there now knowing the gifts of the five senses you have been given, now held within your body made by him, is when you drop to your knees in utter unworthiness to even try and make a point. God gave us his word, the Bible, to then realize what to do next. Those running on as Solomon has told us, in their vanity, from which all to them is built, can then only believe yet still not know our Lord. Jesus has said those who cry “Lord Lord” or like in America today to simply say “I believe” is not the same as Knowing him, as he will tell you in equal expression, “I never Knew you”.


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