Is Persecution Good for the Church?

By  Edgar Feghaly, Missionary to the Middle East

Recently, I heard about a movement among Christians to not vote but rather allow Hillary Clinton to win the election. The claim of these Christians on social media is that “Christians have always been stronger under persecution, so bring it on.”

I am not sure that these people grasp an understanding of what they are saying. Once persecution comes, it will be an endless nightmare. Those never persecuted do not realize the gravity of this turmoil.

Imagine the government putting video cameras all over your church, defining what the pastor should preach. Any sermon coming across as attacking other religions, faiths, or cults will be punishable by prison. Imagine the government levying taxes on the tithes of believers, listening to what you say and watching what you do 24/7. Imagine not being able to carry your Bible in the street or knock on doors to witness. Imagine having metal bars on your house windows to protect you from thieves and burglars. Rather than raising little pets, you raise Rottweilers and German Shepherds just to protect yourself.

Imagine a state where rebellious children report their parents and even their pastor to the government. People become spies on one another. Traditional religion controlling everything. Churches preaching the Gospel described as proselytes and haters.

I have some questions for those inviting persecution. Why must you wait for persecution to sweep our country before you will serve the Lord? Why do you not go into your communities right now aggressively preaching the Gospel?

The problem? Sin and worldliness. If God’s people will forsake their wicked ways, repent, pray and come back to God, He will heal our land.

Hillary Clinton believes in open borders, a one-world system. If she can do this, she will be preparing the way for the appearance of the anti-christ. To us who live in America, opening borders means inviting illegal aliens to flood the country. Half of the world will merge on America. Gangsters and drug cartels, thieves, and terrorists will spread violence abroad. Open borders will diminish our country. People with different cultures will move in and trash our cities.

It may seem exciting to think, “Oh, I would love to be persecuted.” But once persecution comes, it will take a revolution or civil war to stop it. I wish young people would go live in some of the third world countries and see what persecution is doing to the cities and churches rather than wishing it on America.

I have been through persecution. I know how much one suffers, not only physically, but spiritually and mentally. Those persecuted live in constant fear. That is why I appreciate freedom and thank God for America. Many others like me came to America because of the freedom to worship and speak. We came because of the government, justice and a great army that protects us.

Those who have lived under the rule of Saddam Hussein or China or N. Korea appreciate the freedom in America. They realize there is no place to go after America. Why? Because America is the last Bastian of freedom. The only country left in the world that has the treasury of the Scripture. Printing of Bibles is forbidden in persecuted countries. But, it is because of freedom that America can print and ship Bibles to the whole world.  Bible colleges, preachers, and teachers go into the world because we are free.

Someone once said, “You know a person by his friends.” Hillary Clinton has surrounded herself with socialists, communists, and atheists. These will be the ones who will persecute us. They hate the very fabric of Christianity. Just look at the Wiki Leaks for examples.

But, Donald Trump seems to have surrounded himself with conservative leaders. Mr. Pence is a born-again Christian committed to upholding the Constitution of the Untied States. These men are committed to appointing Supreme Court Justices that will keep America on the right path.

Freedom to serve the Lord is far greater than serving under persecution. My advice? Do not wait until persecution comes to serve the Lord. Why not start right now? Why not go into the cities like New York and Chicago? Take advantage of the freedom in our land. Start distributing the Word of God and preaching the Gospel. Right now, we can do this.

For those inviting persecution and thinking that Christianity will survive better in persecution: Why not call some of the Christians who live in persecuted countries and ask their opinion? They will tell you, “Our greatest encouragement is the freedom in America and knowing the church of America can stand behind us because they are a land of the free and a home of the brave.”

I call upon you to make your voice heard. Vote for the goodness of this country on behalf of the persecuted churches in the third world.

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