Unveiling Islam: What Pastors Must Know and Preach

On February 9, 2016, the American Pastors Network held a conference call with pastors to discuss the inroads of Islam in our local schools, churches, and communities. Joining the call were guest speakers:

Some of the questions discussed were:

  • Is there any such thing as a ‘moderate Muslim’?
  • Why is it so critical that this current ‘Chrislam’ mentality of saying that we all worship the same God is so dangerous – politically – as well as, of course, to the preaching of the Gospel?
  • How should the Church balance the literal increasing physical war that is ensuing against Christianity with loving our Muslim neighbor next door’?



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  1. Sylvester M Rogers
    Sylvester M Rogers says:

    Thank you APN for this great exposition on the Muslims and Islam theories. This conference which I just finished listening to the recordings is highly informative, educative and strategic. It has revealed many things to me that has expanded my horizon on these topics. Will you these information to educate other pastors in West Africa and will encourage to subscribe to the APN. Thank you.


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