GOP Debate Overview by Dave Kistler

Last evening’s GOP Presidential Debate provided some fascinating insights into what the frontrunners would do, if elected president. Though a more thorough analysis will come later, permit me to make a few initial observations.

Though the topic last evening was the economy, the banter between candidates moved off that immediate topic and onto other ancillary issues.  One thing was abundantly clear, we have a number of candidates who clearly understand the disastrous situation in which Barack Obama has placed us–militarily!  I was VERY encouraged to hear the clarion statements by a number of the hopefuls, especially Senator Ted Cruz, relative to what they would do to build up our Armed Forces!

As to who won the debate, I would suggest this.  From a content perspective, I believe Ted Cruz was the winner!  From a stylistic
standpoint, Marco Rubio excelled!  Rubio’s command of the English language (equal to that of Ted Cruz), and the rapid fire way he delivers his message, makes him a VERY appealing candidate.  Dr. Ben Carson provided the most detail yet, and probably shocked some observers with his command of things economic.  Cruz’s witty, sharp and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor was again on display–something he used well when speaking about immigration!  Of course, Donald Trump was his typical self–only a little more reserved, stressing his landmark issue of securing the border and preventing illegal immigration!

The take away is this.  I see a team emerging that may well be the GOP nominees.  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are both young, incredibly talented, stingingly articulate, and knowledgeable men.  They are a conservative version of Bill Clinton and Al Gore from 1992.  Cruz has stood in opposition to his own party over substantive issues and is a genuine Christian conservative!  Rubio’s knowledge of foreign policy would serve him well as a President or Vice President.

While there is a lot of distance yet to be traveled, the picture is definitely becoming a bit more clear, at least to me!  From now until the end, we must pray EARNESTLY for men who will honor God, abide by the Constitution, stand unequivocally with Israel, reverse out of control spending insanity, serve the people rather than themselves, and do all the aforementioned while humbly seeking God’s wisdom in all decisions!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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