Stand in the Gap Today Radio Program Informs and Equips Pastors to Respond Biblically to Today’s Issues

Dear Friends,

In this letter I’d like to encourage Pastors to consider these words from George Barna, author and researcher formerly with the Barna Research Group who spoke at our recent U-Turn Conference held at Lancaster Bible College on March 19th. He is addressing the audience with a pointed message for pastors and on what needs to happen for there to be changes made in our churches and in our society.  He says:

“…What we’ve found is that pastors like to read the newspapers and the Internet, and watch television news programs about the issues. They’re informed. But they’re keeping that information to themselves. What I’d implore all of you to do is not simply be informed for the sake of being informed but take in that  information and go back to God’s word and figure out what does God say about these issues. And figure out how you can share that with your people. That’s what they need. They don’t need more happy talk when they come to church. They need stuff that’s going to kick them in the pants and say, “This is what a follower of Christ does.”

Our primary mission at the American Pastors Network is to identify, encourage, equip, and educate pastors to “Stand in the Gap” for truth.  Our daily news analysis program called “Stand in the Gap Today” is meant to be a tool for pastors, church leaders, and Christians alike to not only be informed, but also to be equipped to know what the Bible has to say about the events and issues confronting our world todayWe exist to help YOU to think from a biblical and constitutional perspective about these things so that you can go back and share with your friends, family, and congregation!

Won’t you make it a priority to tune in each day during the lunch hour, from 12-1pm ET to hear what you need to know about what’s happening in our world today?  Visit and click on the “Listen LIVE” link which will take you to the home page of our local network station, WFYL 1180.

In the Defense of Truth and Freedom,

Sam Rohrer

P.S. As the 2016 Presidential GOP Candidate field narrows down over the next few months, we’ll be talking about the biblical qualifications for the ideal nominee.  In fact, on a recent program, we discussed the FOX News Presidential debate and who we think measures up! To listen to the archived program, click HERE.

Remember, you can listen to ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ on your smartphone or android.  Download the free “TuneIn” app from your app store and search for WFYL.  The program airs every day on this station from 12-1pm ET.  If you want to know the topic for each day, follow us on the APN Facebook page HERE!



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