Stand in the Gap Today Brings Hope and Clarity to Today’s Issues

Dear Friends,

From nearly every perspective – political, economic, prophetic, religious, academic, and medical –the world seems to be turning upside down!  Consider the following:

  • The Iran Bomb deal and the facilitated coalition of Russian, China, India, Iran, etc.
  • The cyber wars, currency wars, and physical wars escalating with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea
  • The beyond manageable US and World debt
  • The religious figure of the Pope announcing world religion and promoting a One World Government
  • An isolated Israel and a United States facilitating the promotion of an evil alliance against Israel
  • A United States, once the shining City on a Hill, now the bellowing gates of Hell as this nation incites hatred by all other nations as we strong arm them into submission of our evil by trying to force them to adopt laws embracing homosexuality and abortion and corrupted politics.

This is why, as we deal with the issues of the day on our new ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ radio program, we look at the events around us and attempt to bring clarity to them by looking through the lens of Biblical Truth and our Constitution.  By God’s grace, He is using APN in our various ministries to bring hope and clarity to a confused world as we encourage Pastors and all Christians to ‘Stand in the Gap for Truth’.

Specifically, I’d invite you to listen to a program that aired on Monday, August 17, featuring Middle East and Israel expert, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, also host of Prophecy Today, who helped us understand the Iran Nuclear Deal, and the developing tensions with Russia and China and Iran.  He also shared what’s happening in Israel from a biblical, prophetical perspective. You can listen to this program: HERE.

More recently, Dr. DeYoung joined us for an update on the alignment of nations, the rise of NATO, and the preparations to resume Old Testament sacrifices on the Temple Mount.  You can listen to this program HERE.

As we move through exciting yet perilous times, we invite you to stay informed and encouraged by listening to ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ for a biblical perspective on what’s happening here and around the world.

In the Defense of Truth and Freedom,

Sam Rohrer


P.S. Remember, you can tune in LIVE to Stand in the Gap Today’ from 12:00-1:00 pm ET on our new website:  and also find archives to all of our radio programs there. To listen to ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ on your smartphone or android, download the free “TuneIn” app from your app store and search for WFYL.  The program airs every day on this station from 12-1pm ET.  If you want to know the topic for each day, follow us on the APN Facebook page HERE!

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