Landmark Decision At High Court–Comments!

My friends,

It is with great duplicity that I write to you this morning. Moments
ago, I landed in Philadelphia, PA from two PHENOMENAL weeks in Israel!
Never have I felt safer!  And, space doesn’t permit me, at this point,
to remark on all that we saw, heard, sensed, smelled and experienced
while in the Holy Land!  More on that later!

I write with duplicity because of the tragedy that was the Supreme
Court’s decision yesterday!  Though in some ways shocking, it was not at
all unexpected!  In addition to redefining culture’s definition of
marriage, the High Court’s decision will have dramatic and long-lasting
repercussions for the United States–a land founded on a clear
Judeo-Christian, Biblically-based foundation!

While the highest court of the land may redefine an institution, they
cannot/have not changed God’s mind on the issue!!!  No, marriage is
still God’s institution and He ALONE has the right to define it!  He
ALONE has the right to decide it’s participants!  He ALONE has the right
to determine the future of ANY nation that flaunts it’s sin and shakes
it’s fist in the very face of a thrice holy God!  So, from a Divine
perspective, we have entered into even more treacherous territory!

From a legal perspective, we’ve certainly entered into uncharted
waters.  This decision has pitted the 14th Amendment against the
treasured 1st Amendment!  In doing so, there will be a litany of cases
that will ultimately make their way to the Supreme Court! Justice
Kennedy’s broad (and incredibly weak) comments about those with “firmly
held religious beliefs” being able to continue to live and advocate
those beliefs, is NO protection for those of us who love righteousness!

Amid so much that seems negative, there is an incredible silver lining
in all this!  This may be THE moment for the church of Christ to stand
up, tall, and unequivocally clear with regard to truth!  No matter what
this may/will mean, this is our moment for courageous commitment to the
One Who is The Truth!  Additionally, actions like those of Texas
Governor Greg Abbott (declaring that Texas will continue to guard,
protect, and defend the First Amendment liberties of the residents of
that state) signal what may happen in other liberty-loving states!  In
other words, another “state’s rights” battle is brewing!

So, church of Christ/men of God, ARISE!!!  Stay tuned!  Much more to
come on this!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)

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