Wars, Rumors of Wars, and Spiritual Awakening

   The international news of this week can be summed in a prophetical phrase: “and there shall be wars and rumors of wars”. All around the world there is increased fighting and clear preparations for war. Russia and NATO, Russia and Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, Russia and the USA, Saudi Arabia/Egypt/Jordan/others and Yemen and a proxy war with Iran, ISIS/AlQaida/Hezbolla/Islam and the rest of the world.  Because of the traitorous actions of the White House in its desperate effort to placate and strengthen the ambitions of Iran as they seek the destruction of the United States and Israel, the Middle East is exploding in an all out nuclear arms race. And, these are just the military wars and then only a partial list at that. Then there are the just as dangerous in some respects, currency wars as China, Russia, India and others seek to replace the US Dollar with a new currency and certain people in Europe and the US President seeks a New World Order with a new currency and the wars and rumors of war are seeming increasing by the week.  So what should we do? Be about the work of the Lord will the more diligence and of course, look up!

As we watch, the eyes of world are increasingly focusing on the Middle East and Israel as prophecy foretells. We can see and feel it happening. As Believers, we love Israel and the Jewish people because God does. We pray for God’s people because there is blessing in doing so. We view them as members of the family because we know that we have been grafted onto their tree and given the blessings God promised to them. We also know that Scripture tells us that we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I know I have prayed for the Peace of Jerusalem in the midst of increasing hostilities and threats against them for years and years because it was right to do. But, I must confess that this week while having breakfast with a Messianic Jewish pastor friend, I had to asked God for forgiveness. As we were talking about the real meaning of Passover coming up this week  in the midst of increasing  hostilities in the Middle East, my friend Jeff shared with me some encouraging news. After coming back from almost 2 months in Israel and as he talked with hundreds of fellow Jews there and here, that he said that it is clear and obvious that God is opening the hearts of His people. What once were constant rejections of any discussion about Jesus as the Messiah, the response is now, “I hear you Jeff, tell me more. And then they are saying to themselves and others, ‘what if what Jeff and others are saying is really true? What if Jesus really was the Messiah?’” How amazing. This is of God’s doing and how encouraging and a sign of the times.

But, then I mentioned that I pray for the peace of Jerusalem regularly and he said what does that mean – to pray for the peace of Jerusalem? Are you praying for the physical safety of Israel and the Jews or their spiritual salvation. And that struck my heart because I believe that I and likely most Americans in our support for Israel, may quite likely be praying a bit amiss. As my friend Jeff said, there will be no peace in Jerusalem/Israel until they accept the Prince of Peace. Physical peace is nice, but God’s heart for His people is spiritual peace which only comes through salvation. He said, you and Christians must pray for the spiritual salvation of the Jews as that is God’s heart. I agree. So, from now on, my prayer is for the spiritual awakening and salvation for the people of God. When they accept the Messiah as the Lamb of God, the Prince of Peace will bring true peace and fulfill the prophecies we’ve all longed to see.

So this week as Jews across the world observe Passover and the Seder meal, join me in praying for their spiritual salvation, for their eyes to be opened and that they will look on Him Who they rejected and embrace the Messiah. And may we thank the Lord that He has manifested grace to us and made us part of the Commonwealth of Israel. These are exciting days as God completes His plan of redemption. I trust that our hearts and minds will be increasingly in tune with the heart of God.

-Sam Rohrer, APN President


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