Protect Life! with Pastor Paul Blair

Pastor Paul Blair is the senior pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, OK and President of Reclaiming America for Christ.

Being Ambassadors for Christ in 2016 with Dr. Gary Dull

Dr. Gary Dull is the senior pastor of the Faith Baptist Church of Altoona in Altoona, PA and the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (  Dr. Dull is also co-host of Stand in the Gap Today and Weekend Radio programs.

Looking Back and Looking Ahead in 2016

APN President, Sam Rohrer, along with PPN Executive Director, Gary Dull and NCPN President, Dave Kistler discuss the highlights of 2015, and take a look at the doors God is opening for APN in 2016!

Grace and Truth: Balancing the Message of Christmas in an Unbalanced World

The Pastor and Politics: Rediscovering the Foundations Part 2 with Sam Rohrer

The Pastor and Politics: Rediscovering the Foundations Part 1 with Sam Rohrer

Understanding Unbelievers with Dr. Mark Farnham

Dr. Mark Farnham shares insights on how to witness to unbelievers from Romans 1.  To listen to this entire series, please click HERE. To find out more about Dr. Farnham’s apologetics ministry, please visit his website: