Up from the Grave He Arose! with Pastor Mark Smith

Pastor Mark Smith is the Senior Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Champain, IL.

Take the Tonic: A Word of Encouragement with Dr. Marty Von

Dr. Marty Von is an experienced biblical counselor and conference speaker nationwide. To listen to more of his sermons, please click HERE.

Facing the Election of a President Biblically with Dr. Gary Dull

Dr. Gary Dull is the senior Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church of Altoona, in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Unveiling Islam: What Every Pastor, Christian Leader, and Engaged Believer Needs to Know

Sam Rohrer, APN President and Dr. Gary Dull, PPN Executive Director, discuss and share key audio clips from interviews and conference calls on the idealogy, agenda, and biblical perspective we should have regarding Islam.

Featured guests on audio clips include:

  • Tom Wallace, Host of Fortress of Faith radio program.  To learn more about Tom’s ministry, please click HERE.
  • Pastor Todd Johnson, Senior Pastor of the First Immanuel Baptist Church in North Philadelphia.
  • Rev. Dale Walker, President of the Tennessee Pastors Network.  To learn more about TNPN, please click HERE.
  • Mr. IQ Al-Rassooli, Iraqi exile and expert on Islam and the Middle East.  To visit his website, please click HERE.

My Pastor Still Warns People About Hell with Pastor Ben Graham

Pastor Ben Graham is the Senior Pastor of the Music City Baptist Church in Nashville, TN.

What is Truth? with Pastor Matt Jury

Pastor Matt Jury is the Senior Pastor of the Grace Bible Chapel in York Springs, PA.

Revitalizing Your Marriage with Pastor Jonathan Shirk

Pastor Jonathan Shirk is the Senior Pastor of the Jerusalem Church in Manheim, PA.

The Case for Christian Education with guests Bryan Smith and Glen Schultz

Bryan Smith is the Coordinator of Biblical Integration with BJU Press, and  Dr. Glen Schultz  is a Pastor, author, and founder of Kingdom Education.

A Believer with a Drink Problem with Pastor Stephen Hamilton

Pastor Stephen Hamilton is the senior pastor of the Lehigh Valley Free Presbyterian Church in Allentown, PA.

Jesus is King! with Pastor Paul Caughill

Pastor Paul Caughill is the senior pastor of the High Point Baptist Church in Geigertown, PA.