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Stand in the Gap Today 7/30/15

It’s no question that America has great spiritual needs. From issues that plague the 2016 Presidential race to the troubling trends within the Millenial Generation, today’s program discusses these and […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/29/15

Guest Dan Celia, Host of Financial Issues Live radio program, discusses questions regarding responsible investing in the wake of the Planned Parenthood Expose’.  Here are a few of the questions: Is […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/28/15

Does the rise of the Euroasia Economic Union with Russia in the lead fit within biblical prophecy? With NATO and the Euroasia nations aligning with Iran against Israel- and Israel not […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/27/15

Stand in the Gap Today hosts discuss Gov. Huckabee’s statement on the Iran Nuke agreement, the defunding  of Planned Parenthood, and Church vs. State problems in Missouri over the national […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/24/15

While immigration reform looms as a top issue for 2016 Presidential candidates, national security is less of a priority.  Is this problematic? And is the idea of “sanctuary cities” a […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/22/15

[rev_slider homeslider] Topics: Who are the “Corporate Faces” behind the Planned Parenthood atrocities? And why should Christians be evaluating the next Presidential Candidate for the 2016 election by a different […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/21/15

Guest Jeff Mateer, Attorney with Liberty Institute, joins the program to discuss how the SCOTUS Marriage ruling has launched an assault on religious liberty, and why  living by what you […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/20/15

Today’s discussion asks some key questions: Will Trump’s comments about McCain hurt his Presidential Campaign? Will the Iran Nuclear Agreement bring peace to the Middle East? And what connection does […]