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Stand in the Gap Today 8/19/15

How is the harsh treatment of women interwoven into the theology of Islam? Tom Wallace, host of Fortress of Faith Radio program, joins the program for a frank discussion on […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/18/15

What does ‘triangulation’ mean and how does it apply to analyzing current events accurately? Guest Jeff Niklaus, former helicopter pilot who took part in the mission that inspired the movie […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/17/15

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, and Israel and Middle East Expert, discusses the following: Russia and NATO on the verge of war, with Ukraine at the Center. Russia […]

A Biblical Worldview and Christian Education

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Stand in the Gap Today 8/14/15

The Christian Purge Continues…Hosts discuss the recent case in Kentucky regarding Chaplain David Wells, who must sign a statement saying he will not tell inmates that homosexuality is a “sin”, […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/13/15

Attorney David New, with the “Washington Beat”,  joins the program to discuss the effort to force judges to perform same-sex marriages despite their personal convictions;  and what would a Trump […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/12/15

Is what we’re seeing in Ferguson the “new normal” whenever racial tension runs high? Ed Stephens, South Florida law enforcement officer, gives us some clarity on the issue and also provides […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/11/15

Col. John Eidsmoe, Pastor and Senior Counsel with the Foundation for Moral Law, discusses the difference between a marriage covenant and a marriage license. Since marriage is God’s institution and is […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/10/15

What is the latest polling data from Thursday’s first GOP debate?  And will Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Huma Abedin have an effect on her candidacy? Will this relationship affect our […]