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Stand in the Gap Today 7/9/15

Guests Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, join the program to tell their story and share why they will not keep silent or give in to […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/8/15

This program originally aired on May 20th. Dr. Charles Dunn, who worked with the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations shares his thoughts on presidential leadership and executive action. He is […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/7/15

This program originally aired on June 29th. Topics include the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage: The response from the Whitehouse, TX and LA who passed laws to protect pastors […]

APN Conference Call 6/30/15 with Jeff Mateer

Attorney Jeff Mateer, with Liberty Institute, was the guest speaker on this conference call for pastors addressing the recent SCOTUS decision on marriage. He gives a break down of the […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/6/15

Dr. Jim Hendershot joins the program to discuss his new article titled “Without Understanding, We are Destroyed” dealing with the need for a greater understanding of the US Constitution.

Stand in the Gap Today 7/3/15

This program features a special emphasis on the “Real Meaning of July 4th.” “The door of freedom swings on the hinges of a fear of God and is oiled by […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/2/15

Attorney David New from The Washington Beat joins the program today to discuss the article he is authoring regarding court strategies following the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage. Other topics […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/1/15

Hosts Sam Rohrer and Gary Dull discuss the Pope’s upcoming visit touching on a number of problematic questions plus the announcement by Gov. Chris Christie to join the growing list […]