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Stand in the Gap Today 8/7/15

Hosts Dave Kistler, and Dr. Gary Dull, are joined by guests Jim O’Bryon (former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense), and Dan Kistler to discuss last evening’s first, and fireworks-filled, GOP […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/06/15

Guest Anna Hartman, Attorney for Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes Bakery, joins the program to give an update on how the Klein’s are faring.  The discussion continues […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/05/15

Guest Jeff Niklaus, outspoken Christian and military veteran (he took part in the Ranger mission that inspired the movie “Black Hawk Down”), joins the program to discuss how the strategic military […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/04/15

Topics: Proof we’re living in an upside down kind of world: When the US Senate won’t move to defund Planned Parenthood and their President has the audacity to say that […]

Stand in the Gap Today 8/03/15

What will the Presidential debate lineup look like on FOX news this coming Thursday, and what will be the ACTUAL outcome of the Iranian Nuke Deal? Could it be conventional […]

Stand in the Gap Today 7/31/15

Topics for the day:  Do evangelicals have their eyes on Trump?  Why is Wheaton College dropping student healthcare coverage? And does the planting of Confederate Flags around the Ebenezer Baptist […]