How are Christians Being Treated in the Middle East?


Shahram Hadian

I don’t think that Christians realize what is happening.Again, the number that we’re looking at is potentially, in the last 12 years, according to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, 1.1 million Christians martyred worldwide over that period, about 90,000 a year average. According to Open Doors U.S.A., the number of nations, they have a list of nations that persecute and kill Christians. Of the top 15 nations, 14 of them are Islamic. The only one that is not is North Korea. This is reality. This is not some sort of an aberration. It’s not radicalism. This is the reality of an Islamic movement. As Islam grows and is uprising, we are seeing the persecution of Jews and Christians. We are seeing, obviously, ISIS directly call out the people of the cross. They’re going to burn Christians alive. They’re going to kill them.

Two things that I want to point out. If people think this is just a terrorist issue, this is one, ideological, because Islam is taught to be, within their own doctrine, that it is the final religion. Both in the Koran, Surah 9:29 and other verses, it lists the battle that is against the people of the book, that’s Jews and Christians, to either subdue them, or to convert them, or to kill them, fight against them. Also in the Shariah law book, in section W 4.0, it very clearly says Islam is the final religion. Judaism and Christianity are cults, have been made null and void.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because we know the Bible speaks of great persecution and many Christians losing their lives, even being beheaded as martyrs. We are seeing this happen before our eyes. The sad thing is it’s just not being talked about. We have so many organizations wanting to bring in Muslim refugees and open the flood gates. Where is the talk about our brothers and sisters in Christ, and potentially a genocide that we are seeing right now happening throughout the world, to Christians? That’s the message I want to get across. Christians need to wake up in America and realize they are now a target. Not just spiritually, but potentially even physically, as unfortunately we saw in Texas.”

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