Stand in the Gap Today 12/22/16

What’s your priority in 2017? Are you planning on making any “New Year’s Resolutions”? #GeorgeBarna with the American Faith and Culture Institute joins the program to talk about the changes needed within the family, pulpit, and church if 2017 is going to be successful. Host: Sam Rohrer

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  1. Timothy e Holloway
    Timothy e Holloway says:

    Terrific message Sam. I took away from it that until we make the priority of America’s families, pulpits and pews to live a life of definitive priorities where every decision and action is a worthy act of worship according to the statutes in God’s word, He cant possibly make America great again. What a powerful message to the nation. Thank you

    • Sam Rohrer
      Sam Rohrer says:

      Thank you Tim. Our individual and national condition requires nothing short of a complete re-ordering of priorities. It is our desire to be as simple and biblically accurate as possible.


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