Stand in the Gap Today 10/21/16

Did you know that Donald Trump has a “Spiritual Advisory Council”? Today our guest, who happens to be on the council, joins us to share just what’s happening behind-the-scenes in Trump’s spiritual life. You’ll be surprised and encouraged! Host: Dave Kistler

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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    How absolutely terrifying, that in this day and age, the American people are allowing Christianity to influence our government. It’s time to remove all religion from our government, and to progress forward as a secular nation that equally supports all citizens regardless of belief. Having spiritual leaders is akin to needing a psychic palm reader. Grow up America!

  2. Vicki
    Vicki says:

    How truly sad that many forget our founding fathers & the writers of the Constitution were all believers & did not leave God out of our government, but did want to keep the government out of the church. “In God WeTrust” was not put on our money as a quirk but was a reminder that thru God we have been giving all. Why are so many afraid of believers & want to make us into haters of the human race. We HATE sin not people even those that do not believe as we do. We do need strong Christians leaders that set examples of true mercy not dictators that kill, maim,& destroy those that do not bow to their wills.

  3. Hugh
    Hugh says:

    Jay I hope your eyes can be opened! This nation was founded on Chirstian principals. It’s apparent that you think that man has all the answers. Please consider what you believe. America has no future without theLord Jesus Christ. I will be praying for you and may God open your eyes

  4. Glenda
    Glenda says:

    Thank God for Christians who will stand in the gap and pray for this country. We need Christian leadership so bad.
    Unless we do what second Chronicles 7;14 tells us to do we are doomed. The Bible says
    do not kill and Hillary Clinton claims to be for children and then in the same breath says she is for abortion, even partial birth
    abortion. That is murder in the first degree.

  5. Gary Fitzgerald
    Gary Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Jay,

    I respect you for speaking your mind. However, we can`t both be right. Truth is truth regardless of whether or not you happen to believe it. I would simply pray that you might seriously examine the evidence with an open heart and mind . The Bible finds God saying that “you shall seek me and you shall find me, when you search for me with all your heart.” Casting God out of the picture has brought us to the place we now find ourselves. I believe you are a serious and intelligent human being. Surely you cannot really believe that someone as wonderfully created as yourself is simply the result of chance, time, and premordial slime?




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