Time to Wake Up!

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  1. Rev Randy L. Hubbard
    Rev Randy L. Hubbard says:

    Rev. Randy L. Hubbard

    What a powerful message of truth as America goes forth in the election of 2016. I have seen over the years as the Pastors are saying that there is no place for the altar of repentance, as the people have nothing more than a tickling of their ears. We need a Nation to step to the altar ones again and declare are failure rather than to stand on the pulpit of safety and ease. God is in need of exactly what is being offered here; a platform of the truth of what this Nation was Founded upon. Some thru the water, some thru the flood, some thru the fire, but ALL thru the BLOOD. Let us stop playing with the Gospel as Leaders and Proclaim that Jesus is the only answer to see this Nation be the difference for our world… I AM THE GOD OF RESTORATION TO THE NATIONS AND I WANT TO USE YOU. Open your lives to God and hear His voice crying Now before tome runs out


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