Stand in the Gap Today 8/12/16

“Without religious liberty, you don’t have liberty”. In a recent speech given to Pastors, Donald Trump echoed this sentiment. Does he believe what he says and does religious liberty have any correlation to civil liberty? Host: Sam Rohrer

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  1. Georgia Wilkinson
    Georgia Wilkinson says:

    Religious liberty means that overturning Obergefell should be one of Donald Trump’s top priorities. I have not heard him say that one time. I would say that quite the contrary is true due to his pandering to the LGBTQ community at his convention through Paul Thiel’s presence and speech and through his own acceptance speech. Now he’s pandering to gullible pastors, who are supposed to be our spiritual LEADERS, and having them believe him! What utter blasphemy!

    Religious liberty means defending people like Kim Davis. Do you think Trump is going to do that?

    Please google “Ted Cruz on Obergefell”, and you will see a person who truly believes in religious liberty, as well as REASONABLE civil liberties. We have the wrong nominee, and whether he or Hillary wins, we are at a very dangerous place in this nation!


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