Stand in the Gap Today 7/28/16

What are the true origins of the women’s movement for equality and is it biblical to have women in positions of government? Attorney David New joins the program as guest.

Host: Dave Kistler

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  1. Georgia Wilkinson
    Georgia Wilkinson says:

    It is preferable not to have women in positions of leadership (IF THE MEN DO THEIR JOBS), but Deborah in the Bible and Margaret Thatcher were definitely exceptions I’m sure God smiled on. As for Hillary Clinton, we are in deep trouble if she becomes POTUS. Same with the insane Donald Trump. We’d better pray to God to provide a “ram in the thicket” before November 8!

  2. Ron Schooling
    Ron Schooling says:

    I suggest that you have a lot in common with the nation of Saudi Arabia. Have you ever considered, along with the Vatican and other regressive religious organizations, to enter the modern area and sever your ties with the bronze age? I am so thankful that I was raised in a secular environment where archiac dogma such as yours were ignored.

  3. The Word of God
    The Word of God says:

    It is mandated by God that women can be in positions of leadership. This is Biblical. As stated above, Deborah is one example. So are the Deaconesses Paul thanks in the New Testament. The situation of women in those days was dismal compared to now. But even then there were queens and they led. So stop wasting our time with social darwin “men are better than women” nonsense. We are not heathens.

    You guys need to stop questioning God’s word. If you’re doing it to raise controversy, or money, you are basically disrespecting God.

    Yes women should lead, according to the Bible and beyond.

    End of discussion. No one is going to post a coherent rebuttal to this.

    The date is 8/4/16, notice how long it takes when YOU the reader see this post and so far who has tried to argue against the word of God on this?


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