Father's Day Scheduled for Pro-Life Social Media Campaign

Despite a vindictive attack by Planned Parenthood operatives and pro-abortion advocates last week, Wisconsin based Project Wildfire will conduct its second pro-life social media campaign on Father’s Day, June 16.

The Sunday event, entitled “Project Wildfire – #ExposePP,” seeks to call attention to the devastation of abortion.

Cary Bogue, founder of Project Wildfire, launched the new ministry that uses social media to promote the virtues of the pro-life movement. Bogue believes that Father’s Day is an ideal day to recognize the value of life and counter the multi-million dollar public relations and social media barrage of discrimination and deception by Planned Parenthood.

“We’ve found that the social media Twitter has been the most effective way to reach out across the entire country and get people to start re-thinking the idea of abortion as something insignificant and turning it into the big deal it is,” he says. “The Gosnell tweet-fest forced the mainstream media to cover his illegal abortion activities in Pennsylvania. That’s where my idea came from. I’ve got the heart for pro-life issues.

And a lot of people don’t realize that 20% of women who have an abortion attempt suicide, so it’s not a little deal.”

Bogue, who is studying to be a pastor, received national media attention when his June 1 Facebook pro-life event was bombarded by pro-abortion zealots who littered his page with vulgar language and pornographic photos. He says Planned Parenthood hijacked his Twitter hashtag #EXPOSEPP.

“The pro-life movement is not going to be thwarted, and we’re going to still expose Planned Parenthood no matter how hard they try to hijack it,” Bogues tells OneNewsNow. “So Sunday, June 16, pretty much all day, whenever you’ve got a half hour or so to tweet, we’re going to get #EXPOSEPP to trend again and this time it is going to mostly be pro-life comments.”

According to Twitter.com, the June 1 #EXPOSEPP was the #1 trending topic on Twitter, in part due to the efforts of pro-abortion advocates who co-opted the hashtag.

Bogue encourages pro-life advocates to support the one-day event by following along on the group’s Facebook page and posting tweets on Twitter.

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