Abandoned Baby Rescued From Sewage Pipe Doing Better, Mother Found

The abandoned baby who was rescued this past weekend from a sewage pipe in China is being nursed back to health in a local hospital. Meanwhile, the baby’s mother has been found and has reportedly been reunited with the infant.

Firefighters in an eastern Chinese province rescued a an apparently-abandoned newborn infant from a sewage pipe after neighbors reported hearing crying. Officials in China’s Zhejiang Province rescued the infant on Saturday afternoon.

Reports from Chinese media indicated the baby was found in the toilet sewage pipe in a residential building in the city of Jinhua after residents on the fourth floor called the fire department with reports of a baby crying.

Now, the London Daily Mail has new pictures of the baby and additional information:

The baby boy’s mother – believed to be a 22-year-old single woman – has been found and is said to be with her baby in hospital.

The infant- named Baby No. 59 from the number of his hospital incubator – was in a critical condition when he arrived at the hospital with an apparent fracture to his skull.

But the baby boy has been pictured being nursed back to health in hospital as staff reveal his condition is now stable.

Nurse Zhang Songhe of the pediatric department of the Pujiang County People’s Hospital in the city of Jinhua, Zhejiang province, East China, told the Daily Mail: ‘When the baby arrived here, he was in critical condition.

‘We suspect he has a fracture in the top right section of his skull. But now everything has been stabilized.’

Staff at the Pujiang County People’s Hospital in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, said well-wishers have visited the hospital with diapers, baby clothes and powered milk for the child

The nurse added that the mother of the baby has been found and is currently with her child in hospital.

They said: ‘The mother has been found. She is right now in the hospital. I heard she is a 22 year-old single woman. I don’t know the reason she abandoned the baby.

Nurse Zhang Songhe added that news of the rescue prompted an outpouring from strangers who came to the hospital with diapers, baby clothes, powdered milk and offers to adopt the child.

The nurse continued: ‘There have been three or four groups of visitors delivering baby formula some of whom have expressed willingness to adopt.

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